Capturing the moment: iPhone® × KLYP+


Capturing the moment: iPhone® × KLYP+

The most powerful camera for snapping the moment…and tool to further ramp up the fun.

Imagine a gorgeous vista opening up before your eyes. What is the best camera to do capture it?
Maybe you are originally the kind of person who always has a camera on him — maybe you threw your camera into your backpack this morning as you were leaving. Check your jacket or pants pockets. What is that at the tips of your fingers? A keyholder? Lip balm? Coins? It’s something slimmer and cooler.
Used as a phone, used to surf the Net… it’s also the world’s most popular digital camera. Yes, we are talking about the iPhone. When you encounter something interesting or a moment you feel worth capturing, the camera you always want with you is the world’s most powerful camera.

Introducing the gadget that has made the iPhone® even more fun: Manfrotto KLYP+. It’s a plastic case that makes the iPhone easier to hold and protects the iPhone 5s/5 when dropped or from shock. It comes with a modernized, removable LED light and tripod attachment.
Introducing also 3 amazing lenses, the fish-eye, landscape and portrait lenses. With these lenses, the field of view has dramatically expanded.

Removing is a simple matter of lightly turning the screw mount.
I’ll provide more details about this next time. For now, let me end here with some of the pieces I completed with the new KLYP+system.

iPhone® 5S + KLYP+ + Fish-eye lens

iPhone® 5S + KLYP+ + landscape lens

Photographed with iPhone® 5S + KLYP+ + port light lens

Kouichi Mitsui:
Born in Kanagawa in 1966.
He became a freelancer after working as newspaper and magazine photographer. He presently works on magazines, advertisements, websites, stock photos, and movies, etc. Using iPhone®, he creates his own world, and his photos have received attention worldwide. He is also an iPhonegrapher. He held an exhibition of his work entitled [i-no-kioku : “i-memory”] at epSITE in Shinjuku in June 2010. At the iPhoneografia exhibition in La Panera Art Center in Spain in October, he was one of 6 iPhonegraphers chosen. Featured in the book are the following photograph collections taken with iPhone: “iPhoneographer – 80 words for taking photos and keeping walking”, “iPhone photographic method” exist.
At the Manfrotto booth at CP+2014, a seminar called “iPhone® photography support gadgets review” was held.

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