Having fun with portrait photography using KLYP+ lenses for your iPhone®


Having fun with portrait photography using KLYP+ lenses for your iPhone®

Taking portraits, one of iPhone®’s greatest strengths, just got even more fun with 3 new mountable lenses.

What usually ends up being the subject of your iPhone® pictures?
Cityscapes? Cat pictures? Tasty dishes?
iPhone® takes beautiful photos of just about anything; however, it excels at portraits because it is not as intimidating as the digital camera or the single-lens. People who normally tense up in front of the latter tend to relax and be themselves more in front of an iPhone®. Also, it has the added bonus of the person who ended up in your photo possibly becoming a friend on an SNS site because the photos can so quickly and easily be uploaded.

The new KLYP+ includes 3 great lenses–the fish eye, landscape, and portrait lenses. Your old and new portrait photos will be like day and night when you start using these. Of course, they are also handy for photographing scenery and for snapshots—the ability to mount the KLYP+ lenses according to the occasion allows you to fully experience the joys of iPhoneography. You can then add the finishing touches to your photos with your favorite editing application.



・Fish eye(0.28x 152°)

Use the fish-eye lens to get right up close to your subject.
How would you take a photo showing a person being swirled up in a spiraling vortex? By boldly approaching the subject to give the photo more punch.
It’s important to watch that the fingers you are holding the iPhone® with don’t get into the picture—check the screen to make sure no fingers appear in the viewfinder.


・landscape(0.68x 81°)

This widens the angle of view further than the standard for the iPhone : it’s particularly useful when shooting inside, where you can’t get the perspective of distance.
A bit of aberration happens, but this can also be used to good effect.
Taking interesting pictures entails being aware of the space in the upper part of the frame. Create photos with extra punch by creating a balance with the space around the subject.


・portrait(1.5x 43°)

This is ideal for giving the best angle of view on the subject using the iPhone®. The optimal distance is one at which you can converse with the subject while doing the shoot.
When the subject is moving a lot or blinks a lot, taking consecutive photos with the iPhone® 5s in burst mode and selecting the best cuts afterward is recommended. With 10 frames per second, 999 cuts are possible taken continuously. Also, by getting some distance between the subject and the background, you get some blurriness for effect.


Interchanging the 3 KLYP+ lenses is a cinch with the screw mount, ideal for those times when you think: “this is THE perfect point to shoot from.”

Kouichi Mitsui:

Born in Kanagawa in 1966.
He became a freelancer after working as newspaper and magazine photographer. He presently works on magazines, advertisements, websites, stock photos, and movies, etc. Using iPhone®, he creates his own world, and his photos have received attention worldwide. As an iPhonegrapher, he held an exhibition of his work entitled [“i”-no-kioku : “i-memory”] at epSITE in Shinjuku in June 2010. At the iPhoneografia exhibition in La Panera Art Center in Spain in October, he was one of 6 iPhonegraphers chosen. Featured in the book are the following photograph collections taken with iPhone: “iPhoneographer – take photos, keep walking: 80 pieces”, “iPhone photographic methods”.
At the Manfrotto booth at CP+2014, a seminar called “iPhone® photography support gadgets review” was held.

HP:   sasurau.com
Blog:         http://sasurau.squarespace.com/
Twitter:         @sasurau

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