Get comfortable with the subject: iPHONE® × KLYP+


Get comfortable with the subject: iPHONE® × KLYP+

By adding KLYP+ lenses and LED, you can dramatically increase the range of possibilities of your iPhone.


Thanks to KLYP+, iPhoneography has progressed in leaps and bounds.
That’s because it allows you to get very comfortable with the subject of your shoot. The case allows you to get a solid grip of the iPhone, and thanks to the security of the attachable strap, you can concentrate even in places where footing is unstable. Say good-bye to the fretting about whether you will drop the phone from high places or into water.
The construction is such that damage is minimized should it be dropped on the pavement. It goes without saying that being able to concentrate means being able to take better photos.


In the last blog, we talked about 3 amazing new KLYP+ lenses, the fish-eye, landscape and portrait lenses—lately it’s hard to find an iPhone 5s not fitted with them. Landscape lenses are especially useful.
It is recommended to have it mounted permanently to use for snaps and landscape shots. There are many occasions when the iPhone’s angle of view is too narrow or you find yourself wanting to create a feeling of breadth or vastness in your photos. You can use fish-eye to dramatically change the impression of the photographic subject and leave more of an impact.


You get a snow-covered landscape and you want to bring out the feeling of breadth and spaciousness. With the stand-alone iPhone, this is not possible.


Landscape lenses are great not only for scenery, but also inside buildings, in places where it’s difficult to get the perspective of distance–they bring a certain amount of breadth to your photos.


Try using the fish-eye when taking pictures going down the escalator to the subway. The tunnel and fish-eye effect provide synergy for interesting compositions.


Try shooting a chapel at night through the heavy wrought-iron fence using the fish-eye lens. The result is slightly deformed bars against a lit up chapel backdrop – a striking and atmospheric scene to be sure.

The portable LED mounted on the KLYP+ is also very useful. The easy-to-mount LED light allows 3-level light intensity adjustment, whether to the vertical/horizontal position, the direction of the photographic subject, or the direction of the selfie. It can be used as supplementary lighting in dark or low light conditions, bringing depth to your photos.


The LED light lights up the right side of the subject’s face to good effect. Adding a catchlight to highlight the eyes renders the subject even more vivid. Using a tripod adapter and mounting the iPhone to a PIXI, etc. is yet another technique. Or you can just stand it directly on the table etc.

As an iPhone Photographer, I recommend you first of all obtain KLYP+ and try taking photos. The 3 types of lenses and LED light can dramatically improve your compositions depending on your methods. What’s more, the entire set fits neatly in your pocket. KLYP+ is the ideal iPhoneography companion that helps prevent your nimble footwork during shoots from going to waste.

Kouichi Mitsui:
Born in Kanagawa in 1966.
He became a freelancer after working as newspaper and magazine photographer. He presently works on magazines, advertisements, websites, stock photos, and movies, etc. Using iPhone®, he creates his own world, and his photos have received attention worldwide. As an iPhonegrapher, he held an exhibition of his work entitled [“i”-no-kioku : “i-memory”] at epSITE in Shinjuku in June 2010. At the iPhoneografia exhibition in La Panera Art Center in Spain in October, he was one of 6 iPhonegraphers chosen. Featured in the book are the following photograph collections taken with iPhone: “iPhoneographer – take photos, keep walking: 80 pieces”, “iPhone photographic methods”.
For the Manfrotto-sponsored「iPhoneography Contest」the chairman  was also on duty.

HP:   sasurau.com
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