Master the KLYPPapp and broaden your range of expression : iPhone® × KLYP+


Master the KLYPPapp and broaden your range of expression : iPhone® × KLYP+

Broaden your world view with KLYPapp.



The new KLYP+ three new lenses– fish eye, landscape, and portrait –offer you a whole new angle of view. Use the lens effects as is, or absorb yourself in the joys of iPhoneography and edit your photos with your favorite app. Use Manfrotto’s KLYPapp to better express your world view in your photos.

KLYPapp is a free iOS photo app. It has various features, but what I’d like to discuss here are some of the photographic functions. As you know, when focusing with the iPhone standard camera application, you touch the screen with your fingertip. By tapping your finger, you can match the focus and exposure at the place tapped. If you keep tapping on the same place, the AF/AE lock up, and even when you remove your finger from the screen, the focus and exposure automatically lock, and the focus and exposure remain locked even after you remove your finger from the screen.

iPhone is a cinch to take photos with; however, when you want to adjust the focus, the brightness of the spot you want to match sometimes does not match your expectations. Especially when the brightness difference is very large, this problem is particularly acute. When fish-eye or landscape lenses are mounted, there is a large possibility that the sky will loom large in the the top part of the frame and as a result the photo is underexposed. On the other hand, when the focus is on something other than the sky, then the photo often gets over-exposed. That is when this KLYPapp comes in handy.

By simply tapping the icon, KLYPapp launches.


Appearance of screen when KLYPapp launches.

Similar to other applications, when you tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, the shutter releases. Try tapping the top of the screen with two fingers at the same time. Two icons, FOCUS and EXPOSURE, appear. As you have probably already intuited, by dragging these two points with your fingertips, you can set the focus and exposure separately for the designated spot. The best thing is that you can do all this with a free app.


The screen that appears when you double tap.

It’s super easy to use. First, drag the FOCUS mark to the point you want to get spot-on and sharp focus, Drag the EXPOSURE icon until you get the desired brightness. Then drag the icon onto the point in the image that has the brightness you want, again tapping the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to release the shutter.

Set the focus on a closer point.


Set the exposure to a darker point.


Set the exposure to a lighter point.


Set the exposure according to your preference.


Set the focus on the subject’s face and then set the exposure on the subject’s clothes to over-expose the photo. KLYPapp allows you to fully control the brightness.


When taking photos as usual, the photo usually gets over-exposed. However, with KLYPapp, you can set the brightness to the exact level you want. This one was rendered moodily with an app. Fish eye lens was used.


For this photo, an app was used to set the exposure to capture the cloud detail and the beautiful impressionism of the buildings.


The melancholy aspect of this dusk wharf photo was rendered through under-exposure. Using KLYPapp–an application that sets focus and exposure–together with KLYP+ increases your expression power exponentially.

Using KLYPapp with KLYP+ fish-eye and landscape lenses ensures reliability for large luminance difference wide shots. Of course using portrait lenses and taking photos without lenses means you can focus freely, controlling exposure. It’s definitely worth a try. Using this application, you can suppress or blur the background.

Note that the stop motion and time lapse are more sophisticated with KLYPapp+ , so this is one definitely recommended.

Kouichi Mitsui
About the author: born in Kanagawa in 1966. He became a freelancer after working as newspaper and magazine photographer. He presently works on magazines, advertisements, websites, stock photos, and movies, etc. Using iPhone®, he creates his own world, and his photos have received attention worldwide. As an iPhonegrapher, he held an exhibition of his work entitled [“i”-no-kioku : “i-memory”] at epSITE in Shinjuku in June 2010. At the iPhoneografia exhibition in La Panera Art Center in Spain in October, he was one of 6 iPhonegraphers chosen. Featured in the book are the following photograph collections taken with iPhone: “iPhoneographer – take photos, keep walking: 80 pieces”, “iPhone photographic methods”.

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