Glimmering things, glistening things.


Glimmering things, glistening things.

A Sunny day dawdle at the breakfast table.

Even on weekday mornings when I have no time, I often end up getting wrapped up in photographing my breakfast table — maybe its the glistening and glimmering things on it.

At the sight of honey, jam and maple syrup glistening in the clear light of sunny days, I somehow end up in an unplanned photo session.

During these impromptu morning sessions, the brilliant sunlight usually comes flooding in, so I often put some sort of material in the window to soften the intensity, taking photos from above and then from the side.

I usually end with 3 or 4 shots using my iPhone. After removing the blind from the window, however, it would dawn on me: “wait a minute…, wouldn’t this look good in a side shot?” and I would start photographing again.

Eventually I start thinking other angles would also be great to capture the glistening aspect of the breakfast table items. When I finally awaken a little from my reverie, I realize that I’m already running late. I proceed to wolf down my breakfast, which by this time has already cooled, and rush off to work.

Kei Yamazaki

Born in 1983 in Nagano.
After graduating from Tama Art University, he started ‘EMPAPURA PLUS’ in 2013 while working as a designer for Jeu de Paume.
Instagram(@keiyamazaki)showcases mostly his breakfast photographs.
In February, 2014, 「TODAY’S BREAKFAST」 was published by Shufunotomo.

Presently, an exhibition celebrating its going on sale is being held:
The Galerie de Dimanche in Jiyugaoka
From March 12 (Wed.)~March 31 (Mon.)

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