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Giuliette Brown

Eclectic, retro, French style… the creativity of a Slash Girl from Florence.

What could be better than wearing that piece of clothing that you really love? Wearing one that was designed by your good friend. The Giuliette Brown collection, which was officially launched during Milan Fashion Week, was conceived and designed by a Florentine slash girl, Giulia Bruni, stylist and designer, reporter and blogger and mother! An eclectic, retro, French vintage style… a bit like her.

It consists of 23 pieces in all, a lucky number not chosen at random. The collection is based on a ‘woodland‘ theme, with forest inspired patterns dominating this little clothing line, as well as a small piece of wood on the all-white tags. You can enjoy butterflies and hummingbirds that flit across the trousers as a symbol of freedom, vitality and carefreeness, which are all elements fundamental to the label. Proudly 100% produced in Italy, Giuliette Brown was created with the desire to be striking and desirable. And it can’t help but be just that: every piece, carefully made from fine materials, cotton, acetate and metallic fibres, wants to be the TDF (to-die-for) item for every potential customer.

French vintage-style jacquards, for the citizen of the world traveller. Soft, sexy lines with a vintage feel, that make any woman feel special and unique. Skirts and trousers or overcoats that immediately remind us of a recently ended era. Pieces with which you don’t go unnoticed, glam and exhibitionist, with which there will be no need for more to improve your outfit.

In my case, I chose the black short coat with butterflies, Cocoon style, with a vintage 50s feel. I combined it with a basic black turtleneck and soft red trousers, short at the ankle, by Zara. The shoes, by Nora Scarpe di Lusso, help to enhance the vaguely retro feel. The touch of red glam on the lips matches and highlights the vintage costume ring, bought many years ago at an antiques market in Sarzana.

To highlight the piece of clothing and find a suitable photo backdrop, I passed the baton to Giorgio who, when he saw the almost technical black material, the silver butterflies with touches of purple, fluttering away like in a fairytale, decided to move away from our more usual methods. He wanted strong contrasts in an unusual, almost alien, environment, like those butterflies of surreal lights and colours. He looked into a yard and saw these dried-up climbing plants, clinging almost in desperation to the worn-out wall, and the other, bright green plants with pointed leaves, which seemed to be trying to capture you. He liked this scene and said to me: “Here, these butterflies will fly perfectly.” From a technical point of view, too, he wanted to do something different, so he decided to use an old Contax flash, a TLA200 (lately, he’s been using it a lot); he mounted it on his reflex camera with a 24-70 2.8 lens and started to shoot. This flash is very bright and, of course, it doesn’t work with TTL, so he used the camera in manual, with an aperture between 8 and 11 and an exposure time of 1/60. Obviously, he had to do a bit of post-production, working mainly on recovering high lights.

We really hope you liked this post. If you want to know more about Giulia, you can read this brief Chatting With, where you will also find references to her blog.


My name is Sandra, I’m 47 years old. I’m a maths teacher and I started my fashion blog roughly three years ago: http://www.smilingischic.com. I love contrast and I am naturally very inquisitive; this has led me to reject the confines of stereotype and the rules imposed by age or profession.
The fashion I love and follow is colourful, original, fun and accessible too. In fact, what I’ve always loved doing most is mixing different and affordable pieces. To be honest, it’s a lot easier to enjoy dressing up if you have lots of money… but there is more fun to be had in research, recycling, experimenting. My blog came about as a challenge, between me and technology, between me and a society that continues to judge too much by appearances. The main aim, however, was to combine my love of fashion with my conviction that a smile is the most powerful weapon we own: as an approach, as a form of therapy and as a gift. Thus my blog, my creation, has grown over the years, fitting together my passion for fashion with that of my lifelong partner, Giorgio, for photography and street style. Just like the pieces of a puzzle that I often feel was created long ago. Now my blog has become our blog, and it takes up nearly all of our free time, providing us with unexpected and welcome opportunities for fun, sharing, new encounters and… work.

A challenge I won against myself.

“…Cultivate your smile to be like your life: varied, different, harmonious and generous…”

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