After ushering in the Year of the Horse, I managed to find a quiet moment away from the fully packed work schedule to reminisce a fruitful 2013. In the summer vacation, I was lucky enough to be invited by Canon to stage a travel photography exhibition titled Vitality from the 3 Extremes at the Canon Pro Solution Hub. The exhibition was on for 2 months in Hong Kong for the first time. A lively group of friends actively came to show their support to my greatest delight. Thank you all for your appreciation and encouragement, and it was a touching experience for me to share the beauty of Mother Nature with like-minded friends!


At the same time, the Space Museum hosted a photography exhibition for me and international pianist Ernest So, in conjunction with Latin American Music 2013. As a photographer and writer, I was blessed with the opportunity to get a fond memory in my year of 2013; It made me so excited and grateful!

The 3 Extremes – the refined and unique beauty!

My journey started from the heavenly South Pole: I witnessed the clear blue sky, the boundless ocean and the precious earth, and Mother Nature delighted my every gaze with her beauty. The silly penguins, the breathtaking falling icebergs, the world full of the law of the jungle, all these seem painfully distant from the city life we are accustomed to. But think about it, we live underneath the same blue sky, don’t we? Why does it have to be so hard to find a little room for this heaven on earth?

Northern light-It is said that those who get to see the polar light with their own eyes will be blessed. Is it true? I can’t say about the days to come, but when I did witness it, it was indeed a blessing on its own: the amazingly ever-changing light above areas within the arctic circle in Norway on the cold winter night, the vast and clear sky that can only be wished for, the breathtaking view of the light stretching across the sky – no matter how wide angle your lens is, there is simply no way to capture the scale of such beauty. Only the heart can experience it and be touched by it.

It was hilarious to watch the malamutes getting excited before starting a run and quieting down after finishing the run on the ice lake.

The Tibet Plateau is honored as the Third Extreme (in addition to the North and South Poles). Here I survived the challenge of walking at 3,000-5,000m above sea level. Altitude sickness exhausted me but I managed to recover quickly. An accident on the way to Mount Everest brought me an injury which only tested my physical fitness and mental stamina. All these things made my journey more unforgettable. Memories remained clear of the indescribable feelings stirred by such grandeur when I stood in front of Mount Everest. I was sad to leave and couldn’t help looking back again and again.

Tibetans are so lovely, spontaneous, and pious to Buddhism with earnest belief. I was impressed by their complex and thought-provoking stories!

Celia Cheng


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