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I don’t know since when I have had a silly idea that I should plan 1 or 2 big trips every year, lasting for 1 to 2 months and a different destination every time. Is this a wish, or a dream, or just a “mood therapy”? Perhaps all of the above. This time, it was a 1-month trip as 2013 transitioned into 2014. From Tasmania and Melbourne, Australia, to South Island, New Zealand, I embraced Mother Nature and was amazed by her distinct 4 seasons as I enjoyed the freezing cold and the soothing warmth, and I even wore thick thermals. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me with her mighty power!

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I will never forget the Saturday market in Hobart, Tasmania, so full of themes and sincerity. The graffiti in Sheffield and Melbourne were touching me a lot and thank their creators’ ideas and creation to make me feel that art needs talents, and has no boundary. Once again, I realized the infinite possibilities of our earth…Open our eyes and inspire unrestrained creativity!

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It was my third time to visit New Zealand. This time, I focused on the unique view of South Island, including the starry sky in the night and red sky on the morning of the New Year’s Day. Thank God for allowing me to stay there for two days even though it rained heavily. I had viewed the grand Fox Glacier from a helicopter. As I stepped on the glacier so full of vitality, the challenge of walking on such slippery surface made me unsure whether to laugh or cry. As my tears fell down, my heart melted…

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This was a moment when dreams came true, and I lived up to my motto of enjoying life to its fullest and loving the moment! The night at Lake Tekapo, I wanted to capture the picture of the starry sky above the small chapel, but dark clouds gathered above within short 10 minutes. Luckily, I managed to take photos of the clear starry sky and the small chapel below before hidden by the clouds completely. What a romantic place…

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Thank God and I have always gained some information and learnt something every time I made a trip. Such a spiritual experience means much more to me than technical improvements because a life lesson is useful forever. For a photographer, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Whatever we observe, we appreciate and we encounter in real life, we capture the moment and make it last forever. That is what I call real beauty!

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