Landscapes from near and far


Landscapes from near and far

(The Eiffel Tower viewed from the top of the Tour Montparnasse. Iphone 5S + Qx100)

As a Parisian, I love to climb to the top of our monuments and look out on this magnificent city. To be able to admire a beautiful sunset (which isn’t always easy in Paris) and discover the city’s long avenues under the bright lights at night.

(Sunset on the Terrace of Printemps Haussmann. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Mode sunset)

(The Champs Elysées viewed from the Arc de Triomphe. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom night mode)

But with Instagram, I have also had the opportunity to travel and discover magnificent landscapes. With this community, I have met fantastic people who are truly in love with their city and have helped me to explore their beautiful region. Thanks to them, I have discovered other places to immortalize, and so these are always trips that are rich in emotion, and they are wonderful opportunities to share with the community. It’s always very enriching to discover a city with the people who live there; we have the honor and the privilege to really see the city through their eyes and to do things differently than would an ordinary tourist.

Last year I was honored to be invited to spend a few days to discover Istanbul.

(Sunset in Istanbul. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom night mode)

(View on the Bosphorus Bridge. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom)

This is a fantastic city that I had always wanted to visit, and my dream has been realized. We were 3 Instagramers from Europe on a tour of this magical city, so we took off on the road to Istanbul for an adventure. This colorful city enjoys marvelous sunsets. We were taken under the wings of the Istanbul Instagram community, so we were able to visit their favorite places together. With their help, in 4 days, we were able to discover a lot of different places and locations. We were also treated to such a warm welcome! It was a superb experience; I went back to Paris with beautiful photos and superb souvenirs.

Last October, I discovered Italy’s small city of Trieste, not far from Austria; I was invited for the Barcolana, a Regatta that takes place every year.

(Sunset in Trieste. Iphone 5S)

A magnificent discovery, we navigated amid some hundred sailboats in a spectacle that will take your breath away!

(Regatta during the 2013 Barcolana. Iphone 5S)

3 days of travel to discover Trieste and its environs accompanied by bloggers and instagramers. Magical moments and wild laughter J

In February, I took off for the mountains. It was 10 years since I had seen snow-capped mountains J. Such joy to discover Switzerland, Saanenmöser, the warm and welcoming Saanewald Lodge. Surrounded by new and old Instagramers, there I was on the snowy slopes taking in the incredible views. A weekend far from the city to experience a pure moment of escape!

(View of the slopes of Gstaad. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom)

(View of the cable car of Gstaad. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom)

In March, I went back to Italy J to discover the Ligurian Riviera

(View of Borgio Verezzi. Iphone 5S)

A group of us European bloggers and Instagramers arrived in Finalborgo, a medieval fortified town. This was yet another marvelous discovery with a great program: Noli, Terre Rosse winery in le Manie, Albenga, and the Italian Convention Agri-Food Show…

There’s always a 3rd time, so hello again, Italy J. Here I am for this final trip to discover Marche on the Adriatic coast! 5 days with old and new Instagram friends, thanks to Italy J I didn’t know this country and over the course of 3 trips, I was able to discover 3 different regions of Italy, each with different landscapes. It was a real joy to discover these places with such wonderful and sincere hospitality!

(Marche. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom)

(Grotte di Frasassi. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom)

Such places I have traveled in 1 year! So I am taking this opportunity now to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to discover your world and your daily life. These moments will be immortalized in my mind with lots of fabulous memories captured in my photos! See you very soon for new encounters and new adventures!

Nathalie Geffroy

By training, I’m an artistic director, and I’ve been doing photography for 3 years… I’m passionate about a lot of things in photography… Over time I have learned to look all around me, and my eye has turned out to be an amazing tool… I’m always on the lookout for some superb angle for a landscape shot, or for an intimate picture of a pair of lovers, or to find a lovely reflection in a puddle while strolling through gardens to watch the seasons change… There are so many things to take pictures of!

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