Puddle in Paris.


Puddle in Paris.

(Grande Arche at La Défense – Iphone 4S)

I have always loved water and rain. For me it’s like being a child at the playground!
As soon as the rain starts to fall, I’m outside looking for puddles!
I love to be able to travel through the mirror to find the reflections of characters, interesting forms, a beautiful composition, a symmetry!
In puddles, I can discover things that aren’t seen if you don’t pay attention.
I remember that at the beginning of my “puddles”, my followers were constantly asking me what application I used to achieve such perfect reflections. So I explained the way I went about achieving the perfect reflection.
Sometimes, you don’t need much, a smooth surface or a tiny puddle of water is all you need.
What’s important is what I discover upside down.

(La Tournelle bridge- Iphone 4S)

(The Eiffel Tower- Iphone 4S)

With the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, by getting right at ground level, I was able to achieve an almost completely perfect circle.
I love this symmetry and the graphic character of the results I obtained.
There are endless possibilities!

(Avenue des Ternes-Iphone4S)

I really love the couple with the umbrella. This is one of my first puddle shots. I remember that I followed them for a long moment in order to get them perfectly onto the screen of my iPhone.
When I was looking at my photo several days later, I decided just to keep their reflections on the pavement…That way the image was much more interesting. And I preferred this blurry impression and the humid vibrations on the ground, which looked like a painting. So I just turned the image upside down.

(Champs de Mars- Iphone4S)

(The Eiffel Tower-Iphone5S)

(Louvre Pyramid- Samsung Galaxy S4zoom)

The Louvre Pyramid is a wonderful classic of the puddle shot, but it’s always a marvel to see this golden diamond reflected in the puddle. When night falls, the monument lights up with a thousand lights in a magical moment!

(Forecourt of La Défense- Samsung Galaxy S4zoom)

The Takis Pond and its 49 multicolored lights set at different heights are perfectly integrated into the Axis of the Grande Arche, and they create an incredible perspective and splendid colors.

(Canal Saint Martin-Iphone5S)

Nathalie Geffroy

By training, I am an Artistic Director, and I have been a photographer for 3 years…A lot of things excite me about photography…Over time I have learned to look everywhere, and my eye has proven to be a wonderful tool…I’m always lying in wait to find a superb angle for landscapes, watching lovers, finding a beautiful reflection in a puddle, wandering though gardens to see the seasons change…There are so many things to take pictures of!

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