8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Instagram Photos


8 Simple Tips to Improve Your Instagram Photos

I don’t know if you can grasp my great love for the world of Instagram, but it’s pretty darn big! From it’s ability to create beauty in the world to building communities of photographers, it’s really a win-win in my book. Last night, I actually scrolled back to the very beginning of my Instagram feed and saw the quality of photos I was taking- let’s be honest, they were not going to win any awards. To say I’ve learned a lot upon my Instagram journey is an understatement and today, I want to share with you some tips I have learned along the way that will hopefully send your feed soaring to Insta-greatness.

Photo via A Subtle Revelry

#1. Never zoom. Okay, so with most smartphone cameras we can gladly admit that they’re not the best cameras out there on the market, however they actually can be pretty great when you do not zoom, so please don’t! The quality of the photo will be ions better if you just move closer to the object rather then zooming.

#2. The focus tool is your best friend. Unless you’re using the hashtag #bluronpurpose, there is absolutely no reason your instagram feed should look like you have the jitters from one too many espresso shots. Simply tap your screen where you would like to focus, and tada! the image is amazingly clear!

Photo via Scattered Seashells

#3. Lighting is so so so important. As you can see in the above picture, making sure you have great lighting drastically affects the quality of your photo. Early morning and late afternoon (about 30 minutes before the sun goes down) are the best times for great lighting outdoors, or if mid-day, a nicely shaded spot in the cool breeze is always preferred (lemonade optional). If indoors, just try to find rooms with some natural light. Bright flourescent are usually too harsh and can make a photo grainy. Especially with Instagram, once you add filters as well the lighting can get super tricky. It never hurts to do a little trial and error when looking for the best shot.

#4. Don’t use the flash. Avoid it like the black plague. I honestly can say I have maybe taken a handful of photos that were decent enough to post with the flash on. The best option is to find natural light or at least a well lit room.

Photo via Gourmande in the Kitchen

5. A bird’s eye view is truly the best.Instagram is known for the bird’s eye view, and why not? You have the lightest camera in the history of technology! Take advantage of those gorgeous shots which are not as easy when you’re lugging a DSLR. It also gives your followers a little more in-depth shot of what’s going on in the picture. Without this view of the pic above, would you even know about these heavenly lemons?

6. Be discreet, candid photos rule. Once again, with the versatility of a handheld phone, it’s very easy to snap a cute candid photo of your friends,kids, and furry companions when they least expect it. I sometimes find myself more captivated by the candid images on Instagram than the oh-so-carefully planned out ones.

Photo via A Life Well Lived

7. Go all geometrical. I am visually captivated by shapes: circles,square,triangles, and most recently hexagons. It’s really important to look for shapes when you’re capturing a moment to make sure everything is centered geometrically to create a balance look. There is only so much you can capture within that instagram square, so make it count!

8.Hashtags are important. This may not be directly photo-related, however the hashtags you use will drastically affect the exposure your photo receives on Instagram. If you are interested in getting more followers, simply start researching popular hashtags that would fit well with the photo you would like to post. This tip is only to be used after you feel that you have gotten a good grasp on what you would like your style to be on Instagram too. I am glad that I did not discover hashtags or start using them until I felt like I produced quality images that people would be interested in.

Happy Instagraming! I wish you the prettiest of photos and lots of new followers!

Victoria Hudgins

About the author: Victoria Hudgins is author to asubtlerevelry.com and firm believer that revelry should be had daily!

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