Records and memories


Records and memories

I create because I don’t want to forget

The 3 functions of photographs: as records, as a communication vehicle, and expression.
Today I will discuss the functions of photos as records.

It is possible the function of photos as records is the element that has been in demand most since the invention of photographic technology. The ability to imprint fully intact that which appears in the eye has had a huge impact on human life.

There are many portraits still remaining created with the daguerréotype technique in 1839.
If people had a strong desire to record and leave behind memories, it’s because there were people they cherished or longed for.
They may have had other reasons as well, but even though, isn’t this in itself not a great thing?

The photograph as a record has developed significantly over the period since its birth up to the advent of digital photography.
Photography has acquired an increasingly broad meaning, expanding from private photographs to later include photojournalism — in short becoming a truly multi-faceted endeavor.

In this light, I started to wonder what exactly it is I want to record with the medium that is the photograph.
When I look back on my photograph contact sheet that contains cherished loved ones and family members, etc., what attracts my eye most are the things in the composition, the places etc., recorded.
What I am talking about is capturing in unadulterated fashion the thing that led to the inspiration to record the memory. I would like to discuss today the fragments of memory at the heart of the process of the molding of the concept behind the photograph.
First of all, I recommend reading the first and second blogs as a set.

Bad things are not things to remember.
The reason I leave behind records is that they allow me to cherish forever the things I want to remember.

Born in Tokyo in 1990, and now living in Tokyo.
She graduated from the Nihon Daigaku (Japan University) Fine Arts Department, Photograhy Section in 2013, and went on to complete a Master Degree of Fine Arts, Specialization: film, at the same institution.
2013 Recipient of head of the Fine Arts Department award.



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