Everything You See is Just Perfect

written by:
MOK Qingfu


Everything You See is Just Perfect


Our past time and journey have never been wasted. Yet the paths we’ve chosen are not always that clear and definite. With plenty of places to go and many choices to make, people become vexed, as there are always a lot of things to handle around. That’s how life is. People are caught off guard when they have to deal with the situation. Tolerance is the just beginning of learning, and one will gradually find the way to his own life, calm and peaceful.


Things that we keep in sight and mind are all likely to be distorted. We are so forgetful that we envisage pleasant scenes subjectively and consciously. As mortal men, we record things around in one way or another. Some sketch, and some put their affections into songs, while I pick up my camera to take photos. I’ve been to my distant hometown, to streets and lanes that I have been familiar with, to strange places filled with love to enjoy the scenery. It sounds fantastic, but goes too soon. I am infatuated with everything, but so what?



So do my ways of traveling. For me, a camera at hand gives me a sense of security. Everything is unfolded as I take the camera out of my backpack, and I feel content after putting it away. The camera along with the memory card in my bag has become a part of my life and feelings. I won’t pay too much attention to the photos taken, for after that pity would come next to satisfaction. What I really enjoy are the things I am familiar with: the camera in my backpack, the repeated actions, and some natural habits-be they good or bad.



A friend of mine ever teased that he’d walk the earth with only a toothbrush. Surely, there are some reasons in it. The farther one goes, the humbler he may get. It’s true that we ought to winnow the millions of options down to a manageable handful. Don’t care too much about those that have gone, nor strive to become morally lofty. Everything in our present life, old and new, including backpacks, cameras, bad habits, is just perfect.


MOK Qingfu



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