Me, Myself and Joey – Tips, tricks and apps I use.


Me, Myself and Joey – Tips, tricks and apps I use.

I’ll be sharing some tips, tricks and apps I use for Joey’s Instagram page that may come in handy for you. These will especially be handy for animal accounts. I want to start by saying that I’m not a professional so some people may not agree with any of what I’m about to say, I have just picked these tricks and tips up while doing Joey’s Instagram which work well for me.


Firstly I’m  going to start with tips and tricks to photograph an animal as this can sometimes be very hard work as they don’t like to keep still! Before I even begin to position Joey or get ready to photograph him I always have lots of treats! This is an obvious thing to do when taking pictures of animals. Secondly I find that pictures of animals always come out the best in natural lighting so outside or in a room with white walls and lighting coming through, this always makes the picture more sharper and clear which makes a better picture. Also I never use flash on my camera when taking pictures of Joey as in my opinion they make the picture come out horrible! It may work for some animals maybe lighter animals but definitely not Joey.



Now for some quick tips for adding pictures onto Instagram.

  1. Hashtag! Make sure to hash tag relevant words so people can find you.
  2. Follow accounts similar to yours.
  3. Don’t over add pictures, it’s quality over quantity.
  4. Also if you have a private account people won’t be able to see your pictures so maybe keep your account public.
  5. Have fun!


Apps I use to edit my pictures;

I edit most of my pictures before uploading them to Instagram even if it’s just simply to brighten the picture up a little. The app I use the most is ‘Snapseed’. You can find this app on the iTunes app store free to download. I love this app as it’s so easy to use and can make any picture look better, it’s especially good if you haven’t got a computer with Photoshop and only have your phone to use like I do. I normally edit my pictures on ‘Snapseed’ by firstly going onto ‘crop’ and cropping my picture to the size I like, I then go onto ’tune image’ and adjust the brightness, ambiance, saturation, shadows and warmth until I am happy. I try to keep my pictures looking natural so I never put any of them too high. I then always go onto ‘details’ and put the sharpening and structure up but also keep it natural by not putting it up too much. This is normally the basic things I do to make my pictures look a better quality. That is all I really do so I hope this can help you in anyway.


My name is Jayme-Leigh i’m 19 years old. I live in England, Essex with my boyfriend of 3 years (Bobby) and my beautiful dog Joey. I work within a retail store and enjoy taking pictures of Joey on the side. I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer but I hope one day in the future I can pursue my dream of becoming one.

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