A Helicopter Flight with Obstacles!


A Helicopter Flight with Obstacles!

When I saw this view, I recovered quite quickly…


My first visit to Australia and the first time at the Great Barrier Reef had to be a spectacular event – I can only say: Take care with open windows in helicopters!

We departed from the Marlin Marina in Cairns and headed towards the Great Barrier Reef on the ship Reef Magic. You can buy the tickets and travel sickness pills right there on location (and I did need the pills, although I am not very susceptible).


The journey can take more than an hour and can get a little rough, therefore it is advisable to hang on tight. The ship was tossed from side to side quite a bit so that I got sprayed with water at times.


Then you are dropped in the middle of a large platform (Marina World) which is big enough to get changed and relax in the sun. If you would like to snorkel and dive you are in the right spot! After some introductory coaching you can hire anything necessary (even an underwater camera) and then off you go.


After snorkeling you are naturally ravenously hungry, and the sushi buffet really hit the spot for me! (There was also lots of other yummy food, no one needs to go hungry here.)


After we finished our meal the time had come! Finally we took the little boat to get to the helicopter platform.


It is only 2-3 minutes from Marine World to the platform, but in the short time my stomach was churning incessantly.


Once you’re inside the helicopter, there is no turning back. There is some more introductory coaching by the pilot of course, and a small tec check (when you speak into the microphone it is extremely loud and you can hear a thousand other noises, but in a way it’s also really cool).


What a view! Yes, you just want to take a photo of absolutely everything.

Beware all those who are flying for the first time and can’t wait to take a photo. This is what could happen:


The wind was so strong that it sucked out my iPhone through the window in a matter of seconds.  I will never forget this moment: slow motion – my iPhone between me and the Great Barrier Reef – did my iPhone really fly out of the window? Yessss! Oh no, it did, *$&@!

Therefore: Keep your hands away from the window and hold on to your cameras with both hands.


When I saw this view, I recovered quite quickly!  You just have to have seen it. And then I discovered our landing pad – a tiny island in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.


Yes, we actually landed there.


We didn’t have a lot of time as the small island was covered with water again within a short time. This meant we had to get out quickly and admire the small paradise.


I was stranded on a lonely island. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that.
You just have to experience this adventure (minus the iPhone loss).


The view across the Great Barrier Reef is simply unforgettable.

My tip: Buy yourselves an iPhone holder or use a camera you can attach to your wrist. You can also bring along a cheap action camera for underwater photography.

My conclusion: The whole day and the excursion are a must for all those heading to Australia.

Sylvia Matzkowiak


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