Valencia On the Move – In equilibrium.


Valencia On the Move – In equilibrium.

A week ago, I told you about my arrival in Valencia, about my first photographic impression of the city and my choice in first pictures to take to break the ice.
Today, I’m here to tell you how I choose what to photograph.
For me, travel photography is nearly always about long walks, strictly on foot, watching out carefully for everything that can help me to piece back together my assembled feelings. Usually, my photos narrate a series of events, the discovery of a city area, routes taken and details that have caught my attention.
This time, I chose not to follow my usual tactic, but to adopt a new one, both for travelling around the city and for taking pictures.
First of all, I decided to visit Valencia by bicycle. The decision came almost naturally, as the city is the perfect size for cycling in all directions without too much effort, as well as having a long cycle path that is an invitation almost impossible to resist.
For two whole days: cycling in the open air with my camera around my neck.


It had been years since I last got on a bike and I asked myself if it was really true what they always say:
“you never forget how to ride a bike once you’ve learned how, it’s like walking”.
I admit that I didn’t really have much confidence in my abilities as a cyclist, particularly as would be distracted by the urge to take photos, yet all it took was a bit of pedalling to be in perfect equilibrium again.
It only took me a few seconds to stop riding looking upwards. It only took me a few seconds and a slight wobble to remember that cycling requires looking ahead, balance and agility.
Before now, I had never tried to find an non obvious common theme for my photographs; something that links even the most diverse of photographs, that brings together photos taken in contexts that do not belong to one another.
Eyes ahead and the agility of an unsure equilibrium were my companions for the rest of my trip. I looked for them in the city, in the little details, in the street art, in the life that ran through it. I photographed them and tried to highlight them.
Eyes ahead and the agility of an unsure equilibrium are easy to find in the effort of someone lifting a green barbell and who, at the same time, appears to be lifting a row of windows.



Eyes straight ahead in the folk dancers who, on Sunday morning, liven up the slow and lazy rhythm of a rather warm weekend.


The unsure equilibrium of the dance, of the feet and their movement, of the long, flowing, coloured skirts. Few things convey the feeling of agility quite as well as a colourful and smiling dance move.




Finally, the light and unsure equilibrium of the balconies, inevitably jutting outwards, sometimes occupied by chatter, sometimes simply facing one another or for sale.




Do you ever try to find a common theme for your pictures? I found it fun and exciting.

Bianca Spina

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