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As a blogger I love documenting my life. It’s the main reason I started my blog and it continues to be a wonderfully creative outlet in which to record mine and my families’s lives, loves and passions. Being quite social media savy when Instragram first came to my attention a few years ago I thought I would never use it as much as did sites like twitter. If I’m completely honest initially I didn’t hugely see the point.

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Now I engage and interact on IG around ten times a day, whether it be to post my own photos or to leave comments on my favourite feeds. It has become for a me a micro blogging site, in which I produce much the same content that I would for my own blog but with I think a different audience. I currently have close to a 6k following on the app and in general each photograph will usually get around 150/200 likes with a good stream of conversation too.

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It’s taken me a while to find my ‘IG’ style and I am not ashamed to admit that the first year or so I was heavily into using the filters (and borders, horror!) that came with it, ‘earlybird filter’ anyone?. Now I am I think a lot more considered about the images I use, how I style them and how I edit them before I upload.

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My favourite apps to use on my images before adding them to IG are ‘Pic Tap Go’ and ‘VSCO cam’. Pic Tap Go is the app made of the back of the photoshop plug in ‘Rad Lab’ and it’s filters include many of the actions you will find on Rad Lab. I love this app for lighting and adjusting contrast and brightness. I’ve used a lot of apps and this one is hands down the best for adding that pop of light and colour. I then put the image through VSCO and choose a filter, in general I go for filter 1 or 3.

I think my IG feed became relatively popular since I started to use more of a theme to my images. So I will try to use pictures that share a similar colour scheme like pastel tones or bright bold colours. When I take photos of myself or my son together I try to find a good wall to stand in front of, either a plain white one so we are the main focus and stand out or one with a lot of bright colours to fit into the theme.

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When I’ve added a picture I will make sure I write a caption by it rather than just leave it blank. A picture with a few lines about what it is about or what is going on in your day is so much for effective than a simple upload. This then becomes a micro blog and encourage readers to engage with you and feel they know you and want to see more. I also use various hashtags that fit with my images such as ‘colorcolourlovers’ to go with bright colourful pictures or ‘rock that wall’ when standing against an interesting wall. This helps people who enjoy the hashtag find you.

I would say my general life is the thing that inspires my pictures, if I take a walk I will always find something interesting to document, like a piece of graffiti or an interesting building. I think you can find beauty everywhere you go!

Before I go I thought I would share some of my favourite Instagramers. I love @Allison_sadler_ for a burst of craft and colour, @Wildandgrizzly for wonderful styling and sweet pictures of her and her son F and finally @thecatyouandus for pictures of her cat, travels and fashion.

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my world of IG. I’ll be back next time with a post on how to take candid family shots.

Fritha Quinn

Hi I’m Fritha Quinn and I blog at Tigerlilly Quinn which also happens to be my IG handle (@tigerlillyquinn). I’m here today to talk about one of my great obsessions Instagram

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