The Secret to Fun Family Fashion Photos – Bold Backdrops


The Secret to Fun Family Fashion Photos – Bold Backdrops

As a family lifestyle blogger I’m always interested in portraying that parenthood doesn’t have to be dull. That is can still be as exciting and bright and fun as your life before but just in a different way. One thing I don’t think you really need to change when becoming a parent though is your style and I love capturing fashion and outfit shots on my site. Most of the time it is usually about my outfit but sometimes my husband and son join in too. I like to think my three year is a pretty snappy dresser 😉

shark outfit manfrotto

When looking for locations in which to take fashion shots I always go for ones with the biggest contrast. I love white walls against bright colours or street art against clashing prints. Having too much going on in the picture can be distracting and scenes that you think might make a photogenic background often don’t work very well at all. For example a beautiful field of park can often make the worse setting for a fashion photograph as green is such a hard colour to contrast with and the natural background can make some clothes seem out of place.

manfrotto fashion boden

I love to have fun when taking photos of my outfits and my sons outfits. When I was younger I felt that to take a fashion pose you need to have the cliché hands on hips and pouting face but actually natural poses work much better. If you can make the shot look candid it works much better and helps the shot look more natural too.

street art manfrotto fashion

I don’t always have my DSLR on me when we leave the house and sometimes I will find a piece of street art that works perfectly as a back drop. In these cases I’ll use my i-phone and this can create some brilliant shots too. I will often then edit this image on my i-phone instead of in photoshop. The pixel quality of course is not quite as good but I sometimes feel it makes for a more urban feel to the image. The apps I use the most are Pic-Tap-Go and VSCO cam.

street art bristol kids manfrotto

If I was using my DSLR I would probably go for a wide angle frame. I love to have a lot of blank space in my images and also to be able to include the whole outfit easily. Saying that if I am looking to focus on a small detail on an outfit or close up on the elements that make it work I would chose a different lens. For this I would go for my 50mm, it’s a really cheap lens and one I keep in my bag ‘just-in-case’ it makes a big contrast to the wide angle lens which is pretty huge! Luckily I carry a change bag/camera bag with me!

fashion yellow coat manfrotto

I love walking around my city with my little family shooting pictures of our everyday life ans style. I hope you have enjoyed my posts on here and will join me over on my blog for more!

Fritha Quinn

My name is Fritha and I am a twenty something mum of one living in Bristol UK. I blog about travel and family life at Tigerlillyquinn.com

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