How To Take Better Photos And Get More Instagram Followers


How To Take Better Photos And Get More Instagram Followers


Instagram, the social network for photo sharing, is without question the most talked-about community platform out there at the moment. Professional photographers have found it to be a very practical showcase for publicizing their work, and amateur photographers enjoy posting those instantaneous moments of their lives that have put their names out on the application. In the era of the smartphone, we always have a camera on hand to immortalize every moment of our daily lives. But not everybody can boast that they have lots of Instagram followers. To get there, unless you’re already as famous as Kim Kardashian, you’ll need to post some beautiful photos. It might seem simple, but the task can prove to be a lot more difficult than it appears… So while last week I was sharing with you my favorite accounts out there, this week I want to give you some tips to keep in mind before posting your pictures on Instagram:


1 – you don’t have to post photos taken with a smartphone

And it’s true, it might sound obvious, but the quality of the photo counts for a lot! There is no rule about this, and nothing says that you absolutely have to post photos taken with a smartphone. Besides, if the number of likes is any indication, the most liked posts are most often taken with a high-end camera. Of course, the photo will be of better quality and so it will be more visually appealing. That’s just logical. The camera on the iPhone won’t let you change the depth of field, for example. Now, a subtly fuzzy background better showcases the subject in the foreground than a picture where everything is sharp.


Shooting with a camera doesn’t necessarily mean that the shot won’t be spontaneous. These days, with wifi-ready cameras, it is very quick to transfer photos from one camera to another.


2 – find your style

Most of the Instagram channels that really score have their own style and they stick to it. It could be a series of pastel photos, or a really minimalist picture, or someone who only photographs landscapes… so find what you love to shoot, and make that your trademark! But be careful! Don’t copy what’s already out there. Try to set yourself apart with photos that really reflect your personality! As for me, people like to see the breakfasts I post on my channel…


3 – avoid taking dark photos

Unless you’re a professional and you truly master your camera, dark photos are rarely successful, since so often they are pixellated and blurry. Take daytime shots in full, natural light for more beautiful results.
Or try photographing your subjects against a white or bright backdrop, as with a still-life composition.


4 – retouch your photos with the help of filters

Just like magic, filters can give different styles to your photos: retro, grunge, romantic… they add that something extra, the final touch to your photo publications! Instagram features various filters that you can “apply” to your liking. But if this isn’t the application that rocks your world, don’t hesitate to install other applications on your smartphone. Snapseed, Typic, and VsCOcam are very good applications that offer a ton of options for retouching your photos. Next week, I’ll tell you more about these applications.


5 – post at just the right time

Sometimes, the number of likes a photo gets can be bumped up by a factor other than its beauty: the time of day when it’s posted. That’s right. Logically, the majority of users spend their time with the application when they get up in the morning (between 7:00 and 8:00 am) or after they get home from work, after 7:00 pm. Sundays, on the other hand, are all about free time!



Slanelle is a 28 year-old woman from Paris. She’s been a fashion and lifestyle blogger for 13 years. You can find her on Instagram (@slanelle)


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