5 tips for photographing children


5 tips for photographing children

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I’m not someone who uses a lot of special technique when taking photographs. Of course, I know how to use my two reflex cameras, adjust the settings and focus, which is in fact something I need so I can really master the shot and truly enjoy photography in a way you wouldn’t if you just had a compact camera.
Nevertheless, I know very well that you can’t face every type of challenge with a single approach. You’re not going to shoot a landscape the way you would photograph an appetizing dish of pasta, or do a child’s portrait. You need to adapt both your eye and your equipment. And that’s what I started to do 7 years ago, when I got my first reflex and when I had my first son.
I used to think that taking pictures of children was simple, but I discovered just how wrong I was. It’s not enough for a child to be beautiful or well-behaved. That would be just too easy.
So today, I want to offer five recommendations for taking photos of children.

– If you want to have natural photos in which the children don’t seem frozen or don’t ham it up too much when they see the camera pointing at them, make them forget you’re there. Find a corner to wait while the kids are playing, when they’re telling each other stories, and when they are playing together in their own little world. First because it’s always fascinating to observe them in their world, and there’s nothing better than a natural pose when you’re taking pictures of children. And if you can’t figure out how to get in close and still be discreet, you might want to invest in a zoom lens.

– To get the best picture of children, you should get down to their level, just as you would when you’re talking to them in fact. I can’t tell you how many times I have been bending over, sometimes lying on the floor, in order to get the best view so that I can get the best picture of my children. If you take your shot from too high up, you’ll have real drama on your hands and the children will seem stacked up, and if you’re too low, the children will seem way too big. Get to the height of a little human being, and you’ll be in the perfect position.

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– You especially don’t want to stop at one shot, the first photo taken, and then not do any other photos after that one moment you wanted to immortalize beyond anything else. Don’t hesitate to take 5, 10, or even 15 shots of the same moment, first because you’ll see that even though you think all the images will be identical, they will each have a little something different. You can then discard any blurry shots or untimely grimaces. There is sure to be a successful photo in the series.

– Taking photos outside really gives a unique quality to the images, to the faces, because of the background, but also because of the light which changes throughout the day. But if you have a home with good exposure where you can experiment with different backgrounds and lighting, don’t hesitate to see what effects you can achieve.

– Seize on the look that children have as they peer out at the world, their spontaneous and fresh outlook, and you’ll find yourself with the same playful abandon, taking pictures you wouldn’t have even thought about before. Going for that surprise shot and letting the shot take itself will often give you the most beautiful pictures you can imagine.

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And since there is no single photo of a child that looks like any other, and that’s a good thing, I chose five instagram accounts I’ve been following and enjoy because they have photos of children that are completely different because they are taken in a completely unique way.

In the photos that Elisa takes of her children, you can always feel the love all around. Just go to her Instagram account and you’ll love all those smiles, grimaces, and children’s games. These shots are very esthetically done, and you often get the sense that time has captured a moment of happiness, so I really encourage you to visit her Instagram account, and also her blog, which is done in the same spirit. (http://www.etdieucrea.com)


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As you look at the pictures Milena takes of her children, you always sense great power but at the same time a tremendous serenity. And I’m not joking when I say that when I look at her photos, I very often feel soothed and revitalized. Everything seems so natural, and so very simple too. You’ve just got to have a look at her pictures on Instagram at https://instagram.com/lajournaliste/. Have a look at her blog, where the articles are just as spiritual. (http://lajournalisteitpinketgreen.over-blog.com)


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With Aurore, you’ll find lots of good fun, simplicity, and happy, mischievous, guileless children, with lots of wonderful moments of sweet complicity shared by her girls. There are also sweet scenes captured on the fly, and her work has a certain romantic beauty. Your heart will simply melt to see her little Noisette, who is soon to be the big sister, which will of course mean lots of these wonderful moments and tons of smiles for years to come. (http://lamiteorange.com)


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Alice experiments with different angles and shots, with different scenes and lighting, to create pictures of her children that have what she calls a very unique character, sometimes a bit like going back in time. These pictures seem as modern as can be, but they seem to be reminiscent of child portraits from back in the 1960s, and I just love the photographic vision she achieves in the pictures of her sons (http://www.monblogmonmiroir.com)



And finally, there is Anne, whose work I almost never miss, whether they are pictures of her children or anything else really. A very unique atmosphere prevails in her images, and there is an intensity in the glances of her sons, mimicry, postures, attitudes, that give the impression that each photo is going to come to life from one moment to the next, that you’ll hear the children start to talk or even smell the aroma of a cup of hot chocolate.


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Stéphanie, 39 years old, is the proud mother of 3 children. She is passionate about photography. She lives in Provence and has had a family and lifestyle blog for nearly 6 years, which you can visit at madamereve.over-blog.com
You can also find her on Instagram: instagram.com/madamezazaofmars

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