Let’s talk about filters


Let’s talk about filters


So what’s your favorite color?

When taking photos, one of the the key elements to consider is color. While color changes depending on the objects that light strikes, light itself does not consist of color; in other, words light is transparent.
People have the ability to distinguish color with their eyes.


My father was born with congenital color blindness disorder. Because the function that allows his eyes to receive light information is lacking, he is unable to distinguish certain colors. To put it simply, it’s as if the pupils he is using to look at the world have a built-in filter.

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My father was the first person to teach me the joy of manipulating a camera. It may seem strange but, despite his color blindness, my father loved photography and movies and raised me to naturally appreciate it as well. I think I what I inherited was not only his genes, but also the sense of purpose he developed.

The world I see in father’s photos, which left me with the strong desire to constantly see the world through others’ eyes, is actually not so different from the one I see. Even through this filter, I get a warm feeling.

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Now that we’re on the subject, there are actually several types of color blindness, but for the most part, it consists of seeing everything in blue. Blue is a color I am very fond of, and not only because of my father. It’s the color of the planet we inhabit.

The trifling everyday moment, like a quick, light breath– I’d like to present it to you in this great color..through this filter that is me.




Whenever I dabble in photography, and even now, I think…
Is the sky really blue?

So what’s your favorite color?

※About 5% of Japanese suffer from color blindness. Though there is some variance, about 1 in 20 males are affected. It mostly affects men while women tend to be mere carriers.

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「It is often said that the important things in life are not visible to the eye. Be that as it may, I have a few things I want to confirm.」
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