Let’s talk about white space


Let’s talk about white space


It’s simple. One of the great things in life is the ability to “tell”, and I cherish the same thing about photography.
For photos too, simplicity is best, as much for the photographer as for the viewer of the photograph. For me this ideal applies to virtually everything.
In reality there is nothing that is too complex. That’s because the human heart is basically simple.

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Lately I have been thinking that if you remove expectations of empathy or appreciation, that opens up some white space, or a soft margin… this way of thinking is not unrelated to the act of photographic expression.
When I am confronted by the question “what is a good photograph?”, I always think of this simplicity as a margin.

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Value is something others judge, but pressing the shutter is something you decide. If you think of others’ evaluation, the true value to you is watered down.
When you understand the meaning behind the moment you are trying to capture, that’s when you’ve hit the truth.
Not thinking of good or bad, just being simple leads to a natural opening up of a margin that did not exist before.

For example,when taking photos with the desire to communicate “the world is a beautiful place today”, you are not in a state of mind where you care so much about the impression on others.The fact that it exists within yourself is meaning enough.

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It’s also important to have a margin of openness of the heart for the photo to make us feel something.
If you are able to strip away the complications, etc., not only do your own present state and perspective change significantly, there is not doubt the viewer’s interpretation etc., will also broaden significantly.
White space expands commensurate with simplicity, and its purpose is to allow for free-wheeling thinking to flow. If you allow the great potential borne from modest thoughts to flower, if you let the margin in your mind leave a soft finish,… there’s nothing quite like this.

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“It is often said that the truly important things are never visible to they eye. That may be true, but there are some things nonetheless I’d like to confirm”.
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