Let’s talk about darkness.


Let’s talk about darkness.

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The photograph – describing light. If the camera is a device that remembers light, then photos are the record of light. But the area that especially gets the imagination going is that which is not exposed by light, shadow.

Basically speaking, color elements are mixed into light. The result of so many colors overlapping is that the sun seems colorless. Though it doesn’t actually contain color, colors are given to objects when it strikes them, and thus the morning light appears the very breath of life.


Then this light which at the source is this brightness and color becomes nothing, like the shadow which reminds you of the night when everything is absorbed by darkness.

Though I used the word darkness, it is different from shadow. And shade, that is perhaps the most important element when taking a photo.


Shadow appears on the part of an object where light is cut off, in other words, it is the mirror-inverse of light.
Shade refers to the dark portion that is not lit up, and shade brings into relief the light, even making subtle light lustrous.



The world cannot capture such beauty without this element of darkness. Because shadow is a by-product, especially in soft light conditions, it is possible to close in sharply I think.
As with the sadness that accompanies transience of a blink, shadow is always there together with the light, as if holding hands in mutual support while at the same time being in opposition to one another. Much like the relationship between life and death.


Maybe it’s an exaggeration to say that brilliance is given birth to by darkness..however photos without this completely lack vitality.


When reaching out for brilliance, and before committing something to memory through a photograph, please remember this.  Capturing light is a matter of being hand-in-hand with shadow, and shade is the memory of light.
You can’t have one without the other.

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