My favorite photo applications and combo for black and white


My favorite photo applications and combo for black and white

Today, for my final article, I decided to talk to you about my favorite applications for black and white and my favorite combos.
For black and white: Noir, Hueless, Mpro, SimplyB&W, Cameramatic, Hipstamatic, Snapseed


Application: Noir, Cameramatic with filter B&W expired film


For this photo, I used the Snapseed application and I used the hdr mode with low filter intensity, and then I converted it to black and white with Noir, or then I adjusted the light, contrast, etc.


Hipstamatic with john S lens, and black keys film


Photo taken with the Mpro application and the timer. Mpro is a monochrome camera that lets you adjust exposure and focus, as well as a timer and color filters for the intensity of the black and white tones.


Application: Noir; Noir is one of my favorite applications for black and white. You can add a spot of light wherever you want and then adjust the light and contrast, so combined with other apps like Cameramatic, for example, you get really superb results.


I love the dramatic effects of clouds, so I used Snapseed and the HDR effect (very conservatively), and then I used Noir, and the spot of light is concentrated in the perspective of the cyclist and the people behind him for a guaranteed dramatic effect.


Here is a street photograph converted to black and white with Oggl (which goes along with your hipstamatic packs). I used JohnS lens and AO BW film. For me, and it’s a question of particular taste, the best combos with hipstamatic are JohnS and Blackeys. I took this photo with the camera integrated into my iPhone. I adjusted the exposure, the focus, and the light, and when the person entered the ray of light, I took a cascade of pictures and saved the best one so that I could then convert it with Oggl.


For this tilt shift effect, I used the Tadaa SLR application combined with Simply B&W.


Photo taken with Hueless. This application lets you take your pictures directly in black and white, with the option to adjust exposure and contrast as well as the color filters, and you can do all that directly in black and white.
Black and white photos can be made sublime with natural light, but for black and white pictures, I think that it’s really a question of feeling. Some people will prefer a lot of contrast, and others prefer to take their photos directly in black and white with hipstamatic or hueless, for example. I shared with you my favorite applications for black and white with some of my favorite combos. I hope they’ll help you when you choose your tools and create your own unique style.

Cédric Blanchon

My name is Cédric Blanchon. I’m a mobile artist and I think of myself as a surrealist artist. I won the grand prize Mobile Photography Award in 2013 and artist of the year (in two categories, digital fine art and visual effects). I won the mobile master 2014, and I was in the top 100 at the Eyeem Awards (where I competed in the illusionist category), 2014  mobile photographer of the year at the American Aperture Awards. I have exhibited in the United States at Paul Toussaint’s Empty Space Gallery. Next, I’ll be exhibiting in the Paris region and in Paris, as well as in my home town, as well as in Belgium. My work will also be exhibited in Frankfurt. My website url is http://www.cedricblanchon.com/ ,  instagram: @cedricblanchon, flickr:https://www.flickr.com/photos/71479580@N04/with/16646917549/  Eyeem:https://www.eyeem.com/u/cedricblanchon 

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