May 2015

With Manfrotto Off road on the Costa dei Trabocchi

I had been wanting to organise a trip along the famous Costa dei Trabocchi in the Abruzzo region for a while, and, seeing as my new...

09 May 2015

Get on Your Bike

Being present in your environment gives you the power to capture it. How many times have you seen something arresting through a car window only to...

07 May 2015

Instagram: photography and 5 useful suggestions

I am not a photographer and I became interested in photography thanks, in part, to smartphones (outrage?!). I have always liked taking photos, but I often...

05 May 2015

The secret to STUNNING landscape photos… that you probably don’t know.

Have you ever taken a photo that doesn’t do a stunning scene justice? A sunset that was so much more beautiful than your underwhelming iPhone photo...

04 May 2015

How do you transform your mobile photos into surrealist pieces of art (continued)

In my first article, I was able to talk to you about one of my favorite applications, that is, superimpose. This is an application that lets...

02 May 2015

My favorite photo applications and combo for black and white

Today, for my final article, I decided to talk to you about my favorite applications for black and white and my favorite combos. For black and...

02 May 2015

LUMIE LED, the light and portable lighting tool for interior or exterior photography.

There is a lighting tool made specifically for getting exactly the kind of photos you want, no matter the environment. Manfrotto LUMIE LED is simple with...

02 May 2015

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