Introducing my partner, Befree.


Introducing my partner, Befree.

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I really want to do a self-portrait exhibition.

When I was thinking about this, it dawned on me that I will not need to only consider my camera buy a tripod also. I have considered buying one many times, but I have always been recommended big, heavy equipment and have never been able to find anything appropriate for a novice like me.

However, with the advent of the digital age, there are many high speed cameras available and a photographer I take photos with told me the criteria for choosing a tripod has changed completely.

So as a partner I ended up choosing the “befree carbon fiber tripod ball-panhead kit (MKBRC4-BH)“.

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To tell you the truth I’m not good with tripods.

There is one main reason for this.

They are… ” big and heavy”.

If I picture a woman on her own, out on a day out taking photos, then her camera and lenses are already a handful, why would she then want to add a tripod to the mix?

Previously, I have borrowed a tripod for excursions (usually one on the heavy side) and my shoulders and arms would become sore and stiff in less than half a day, making it gradually more difficult to concentrate on my photography.

Ideally one wants to be light on their feet when out on photo shoots and walking around with a tripod ends up more of a chore than one originally thought.

However, my encounter with the “Be free carbon fiber tripod panhead kit” has changed my attitude to photography as well as my style.

The experience this tripod gave me is the exact opposite of the impression I had of tripods before!!

This one was… “small and light”.

Nonetheless, it takes beautiful, blur-free photos.

Not only that, but the chic design makes this one stylish item!!

Most tripods I have seen have been all black affairs, so this design with the red accents is a pleasant surprise. Just what you’d expect from an Italian brand!

With the ease of carrying over the shoulder and with its great design sense, it’s sure to become your trusty sidekick!

Ahhh… so this is what the vaunted carbon model is all about…Manfrotto!! Befree!!

With the negative image I had of tripods partially erased, I even started getting excited about going out on a shoot.

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The size when folded up is just 40cm.

It folds to under half-knee length.

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Weight: 1.1kg

The size of a one-liter bottle .

The maximum weight is 4kg. Even adding a macro to my favorite camera, the X-T1, it reaches only 1 kg. This tripod provides ample leeway.

The maximum length is 142cm. This means I can do photography at eye-level.

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Here are my first impressions of the Befree carbon fiber tripod.

20150523JP_ sasa05

It comes with a tripod case that makes it super convenient to carry the tripod around wherever you go.
With the red color accents, this is one lightweight, fashionable case.

20150523JP_ sasa06

The soft and non-slip shoulder parts make this item an ideal sidekick to accompany you wherever you go.

20150523JP_ sasa07

…and you don’t need a coin for the adapter plate as it comes with a winding key making mounting and removal a doddle – even for me. Very stress-free!

20150523JP_ sasa08

The Ball Head has a smooth operation. It can be fixed at your preferred angle and locked with a light turn!

When using the macro lens, the composition of the photo changes with the smallest change in position and that’s why with the tripod, the thing I hated was not being able to take photos as you wanted them. But with this free-revolving ball head, adjustment to the millimeter is possible to get just the shot you want.

20150523JP_ sasa09

– 4 level lever locking legs
With the ability to lock with one touch, adjustment can be done in a jiffy.
The legs are easily extendable, making this a joy to use.
With this degree of easy operation, manipulating this item with gloves in winter is not a problem.

–  The legs can be locked in two different positions. By adjusting the lever, the legs can be positioned at both regular and wide angles. When using the legs in a normal angle, position the lever in the middle.

20150523JP_ sasa10

At low angles, position the lever to the far right.

20150523JP_ sasa11

Go a step further and remove the rubber part from the bottom of the center column, pull it out, turn it upside down, and then reinsert center column.

20150523JP_ sasa12

In this way it can be used to take very low shots with the camera practically scraping the ground.

20150523JP_ sasa13

Why not try shooting water droplets on flowers from ground level or a lying-down self-portrait taken from the side!

This function will definitely increase your shooting options!

  • The legs can be folded 180 degrees back on themselves for easy stowing.

20150523JP_ sasa14

Move the lever to the left, turn the legs 180 degrees, and fold in the opposite direction to get it to the compact size of 40 cm.

20150523JP_ sasa15
…a size that neatly fits in a Boston bag or mini carry case.

20150523JP_ sasa16

I have to say that as a beginner I was smitten with how easy this was to use.

The world has opened up before me when I think of future trips with my tripod.

This is recommended for people who like to travel, tripod experts and even as a first tripod for people who have never used a tripod before.

First impressions are the most important.

And if it’s your first time, it’s worth getting something worthwhile.

Everything starts from here.

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My partner



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