Instagram or How to Love the Pictures You Take.


Instagram or How to Love the Pictures You Take.

How do you talk about photography when for me photography is like breathing, walking, or simply expressing an emotion. I am not a “technical” person. I’m more intuitive. I photograph what I love and I love what I photograph. For me, the world is an unending source of inspiration. The world comes to me, just like I go out into the world. I love the expression by James Allen: “As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract.” And it is thanks to Instagram that the step toward sharing and interaction is a natural one. During the month of June in your company, I’ll try to explain with words what I see and how I see what I see. The tools of my craft are indeed my iPhone and some Applications I’ll come back to in more detail next week.


@tizzia, iPhonographe since ’10 | Self-portrait | Hipstamatic | #Hipastamatic #Tinto1884 #W40

The world of mobile phone photography has opened itself up to me with my first iPhone3GS, in January, 2010. What had been for me up to that point just a mobile phone, a device for making calls or for telling the time.

The unexpected happened. A new mode of expression.

The major turning point was in August, 2011 when I discovered a new #App, #Instagram. It’s about sharing emotions through social media based on photography. It was like a lightning bolt. It’s a story that’s not easy to explain, but the interaction was both immediate and natural.


Leaf | First publications on Instagram | August 2011 | #Camera+

What happened to me in just a few weeks with Instagram is extraordinary. Of course, for almost 4 years now, I’ve been spending a certain amount of time on it. When it comes down to it, there is no magic formula. It’s like anything else: friendship and love have to be nourished and need support. During the first two years, I spent my evenings on it. The first phase is editing the photo, which is carefully chosen, and followed by publishing between 9 and 10 p.m. And next came the flurry of comments on my own publications and those of the people I followed. A genuine ritual established itself. Continuous and repeated contact forged friendships. I spun wonderful encounters into a web of great contacts. My point of honor from the beginning was to head out to discover this universe, not just through this virtual window, but also by packing my bags and taking off out the door of my own place.


Vintage #Fiat500, on the road to Siena | Instatour  | November 2014 | #VscoCam #K1

That’s how starting in January, 2012, “instameet, instatours and socialtours” really took off. From one meeting to the next, my circle of contacts and friends grew all around Europe. From Milan to London, from Barcelona to Paris. I became an #Instagramers. Added to that is the gratifying experience of becoming a renowned iPhonographer. The result, in December, 2012, was to exhibit my work in London with 25 other artists qualified as “The very best international mobile artists” in an art gallery in the very heart of the capital.

A small miracle (among so many others) crowned my achievements. In May, 2014, I was recommended by Instagram. What that means is that for two weeks, you have visibility on the Instagram suggestions page, and that means you get 1000 followers per day that just fall from the sky! Your comments and “likes” are quadrupled! It’s like winning the lottery! (well, almost!)It’s really touching! But once you’re back from your time in El Dorado, you’ll come back to reality pretty fast! Of course, you’ll have an account that’s full of followers, but that’s not enough. Because they’ll go down over time (lots of people subscribe just to subscribe and will never come back to your account!).Today, it’s still difficult to get followers and especially keep them if there is no real follow-up, and maintaining the enthusiasm in publishing and interacting, and especially to stay true to the work you do.


Aquarium of Genoa | Instatour | September 2014 | #Snapseed #PSExpress

I’ll end this first post by encouraging you simply to be yourself. It doesn’t matter how, where or what you publish. What’s important is to publish what you feel. It’s this part of you that you’ll “show the world”, and that’s what’s important. Isn’t photography a mirror of the soul?


Flower Market | Self Portrait | October, 2011 | Camera+

Tiziana Vergari

My name is Tiziana Vergari. I am Swiss-Italian. I was born in Geneva and now I live in the heart of the Swiss Alps. I am a painter and artist. I have loved photography since I was 15 years old. I’ve been on IPhonographe since 2010, and I’ve been signed up on Instagram since 2011, under the name @tizzia. I love getting behind the window of my iPhone and gather what the world has to offer. Taking and editing photos just arouses my curiosity. I take photos of what I love and love what I photograph. I’m a Storyteller through images, and I regularly travel to explore cultural, artistic, and historic spaces. My photos are also awarded prizes and published in magazines, as well as in photo festivals. My work has been exhibited in contemporary art galleries around Europe, including Lugano, Milan, London, and now in Pietrasanta.


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