Light or the art of photography in mobile mode


Light or the art of photography in mobile mode

People often ask me to describe my sources of inspiration. As I already mentioned in my first entry for June, everything inspires me. Well, lots of things anyway! I’m curious by nature and photography with a mobile device has truly heightened my sense of wonder. In the past, people didn’t go around with a camera always at hand…you had to kind of be prepared for taking pictures, whether on a walk, on holiday, or at a birthday party. So many times I used to say to myself as I turned a corner, looked out at a landscape, or enjoyed warm moments with friends, “rats, I wish I had my camera!” Today, you can photograph anything and everything, and the click is right at your fingertips, whether you’re shooting a chair, a passerby, your own feet, a flying kite, whatever. My observations are heightened, and I follow my instincts. Best of all, I have a very precious ally who hardly ever lets me down. I have flair, an eye for it, and I can always sense even before it happens that something, somewhere, somehow just has to be happening! That is light.

Here are some places where I especially love to capture it (but sometimes I’m the one that’s captured!).

Public places. Train stations. My favorite is the Central Station in Milan.


Milan Stazione Centrale | November 2013 | #Hipstamatic #LuciferVI #BlacKeySuperGrain

When I’m in my traveling “mode”, I often view the world in “Hipstamatic” and in black and white. What I love to combine is my #LuciferVI lens with #BlacKeysExtraFine / #BlacKeysSuperGrain films, and more recently the #Savannah #AOBW. Don’t ask me why! Once again and once and for all it’s a question of instinct. In public places, I don’t really have the time to think about color. I can just concentrate on contrasting light that this type of place provides. The reason why is because, for example, in Milan, I don’t have much time to spare. I have to get a connection within a half hour of my arrival. I’m usually carrying a lot with me, so I always try to have my iPhone in my pocket. Even better, it will be in my hand and I’ll keep it at the ready. In this type of location, you need to be vigilant, quick, and efficient. The advantage is that there’s always something happening. I just love these types of places!


Milano Stazione Centrale | February 2014 |  #Hipstamatic #LuciferVI #BlacKeysExtraFine

Parks. A moment at rest. Take your time. Parks the world over always have something magical to offer. People pass through, but best of all, they take a moment to sit on a park bench in these urban fresh-air havens. How charming to hear the birds singing, enjoy the onset of spring, smell the summer flowers, marvel at a sturdy tree trunk, or contemplate the back of a beautiful stranger.


Basel, Switzerland | June 2013 | | #Hipstamatic #LuciferVI #BlacKeySuperGrain

Now to conclude this second entry, I’m going to take you off into the heart of my daily world. My tag #tizlivingwithview on Instagram came from the shots I would take from my living room looking out onto the magnificent views of the Alps. From my girls, to my cats, to the clouds that pass by, I love to observe them in their games, in their dances across the 4 seasons, there at my bay windows looking out onto the garden or the valley. And here are some examples…


Little L  I November 2012 I #Hipstamatic #LuciferVI #BlacKeysSuperGrain | #snapseed | #PSExpress


Miss L in the morning | October 2013 | #Hipstamatic #LuciferVI #BacKeysSuperGrain | #Snapseed | #PSExpress


Black cat in winter I December 2012  |  #Camera+ | #Snapseed | #PSExpress

From my peaceful haven, I wish you a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you next week for another topic that is dear to my heart.

Tiziana Vergari

My name is Tiziana Vergari. I am Swiss-Italian. I was born in Geneva and now I live in the heart of the Swiss Alps. I am a painter and artist. I have loved photography since I was 15 years old. I’ve been on IPhonographe since 2010, and I’ve been signed up on Instagram since 2011, under the name @tizzia. I love getting behind the window of my iPhone and gather what the world has to offer. Taking and editing photos just arouses my curiosity. I take photos of what I love and love what I photograph. I’m a Storyteller through images, and I regularly travel to explore cultural, artistic, and historic spaces. My photos are also awarded prizes and published in magazines, as well as in photo festivals. My work has been exhibited in contemporary art galleries around Europe, including Lugano, Milan, London, and now in Pietrasanta.

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