Addicted to Instagram?


Addicted to Instagram?

Hello. My name is Tony Hammond and I’m addicted to an app called Instagram. I know information like Instagram has 300 million active users sharing 70 million photos every day. The average ‘grammer spends 21 minutes of their day on the app. Just under 10,000 likes and 1000 comments are left per second. Add all these numbers up and you get 370,011,021 but this number has no relevance whatsoever. Not that you wanted it but I’m just trying to give you an insight into my brain and also entice you into my world of Instagram addiction.


For me this little app has dark powers – even when I’m not posting pictures I spend a lot of my time scouring the internet reading and absorbing Instagram facts and figures to amaze (bore?) my friends with. But seeing as you clicked on this article you must be interested in Instagram already right? So, for this blog, I thought I’d share some of my favourite facts and figures about this amazing little app so next time you are invited to a dinner party or pop along to an instameet you can show off your insta-knowledge.

Okay fact number one. Pizza is the most photographed food.

Secondly, 14% of drivers admit to using Instagram whilst operating their vehicle!

Thirdly, 51% of users are male. Not wishing to stereotype genders but let’s guess the other 49% are female.

Fourth, 5 million videos were posted in the first day when it was introduced.

Fifth, Pictures that are predominantly blue receive 24% more likes.

Sixth, amazingly Taylor Swift has the same amount of followers as the population of Kenya.

Lastly, Disneyland in Cailfornia was the most geotagged place in 2014.

Interesting little nuggets weren’t they? Getting more addicted? No? Well then, along side these 7 facts I’m highlighting 7 talented instagrammers who’s account names feature numbers… I thought I’d keep a number theme running throughout as I’m slightly obsessive compulsive too. I’m hoping you’ll check out their accounts as inspiration and hopefully get as hooked as I am on this app.

(NB Instagram aren’t paying me for all this, but they may have to pay for my appointment at IA – Instagram Anonymous meetings!)




Hailing from the South East of England, Thomas posts perfect photos of his world. His eye for composition is fantastic and his gallery is a class act.



Mark Huey has a great eye for form and shape and manages to keep an authentic quality about his work. His gallery is fun and full of flowers, feet and food and definitely worth checking out.



Kaijiin lives in Malaysia and has created an amazing minimalistic gallery. He gathers objects together and arranges them into brilliant artistic compositions. He quotes ‘colours are the smiles of nature’ and you can definitely see how colour inspires his work beautifully.



This account is so witty and clever. Every photo draws you in and I spend a fair amount of time looking at each shot, wondering how some of them are created.



Phillipa’s tables take you on a beautiful journey into her artistic world. With nearly half a million followers she is definitely worth a follow.



Robin has such a great eye for framing, composition and particularly lighting. Each square is so well balanced and interesting to view. Never a dull picture is posted.



A mixture of amazing minimalism, perfect portraits and supercool architecture shots fill this gallery. Every photo is precisely composed but, when people are a part of the shot, it never feels staged.

I hope all these facts and figures and numbers have wetted your appetite to dig deeper into the cult of Instagram and become as addicted as I am. If so I’ll save you a seat at the next addiction meeting at the side of me… see you there.

Tony Hammond

I’m Tony Hammond. I’m UK based. I’m a total Instagram-addict and my lucky number is twenty five. Find me on Instagram at @iamtonyhammond and say bonjour! 

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