11 Ways Into the Zone


11 Ways Into the Zone

Your intentions are set. Devices charged, tires pumped, shoes firmly on your feet. You’re locked and loaded—ready to head out there and slay dragons. Yes my intrepid photo friend, today is a good day to shoot. Your mission? Give expression to your unique voice. Create images that will spark a smile in your mind and whisper sweet somethings to those who see what you do.

So, how do you approach your blank canvas? What can you do to ensure that you populate those pixels with something of substance? How do you extract meaning from the randomness of the infinite scenarios playing out around you?

No, this is not the time to panic; some answers lie ahead. Check out the following simple listicle of tips and tricks carefully crafted to help you find inspiration and impose a little order on the chaos of wherever you find yourself.

Juxtapose with Intent



The placement of disparate subjects and objects in the same frame can be thought provoking and elucidating. Seek irony. Look for incongruence. Make a study of texture.

 Reveal Repetition 



The eye loves the simplicity of a repeated object. Probably because it helps make sense of a disorganized world.

Harness Humor



One of the greatest gifts we can give each other is laughter. Get out there, find the funny, and spread it around.

Expose the Backlight



Drama happens when light gets behind objects and obliterates detail. It helps us see things in an elemental way, and raises questions about shape and substance.

Dive Into the Shadows



Similar to silhouettes, shadows are a portal direct to the heart of things.

Get in Shape



In manipulating our environment to our will, we create shapes that become archetypes for our creative endeavors.

These photographs were taken about five years apart in New York City. Somehow, without realizing it at the time, I named them both “Tic Tac Go!”

Find a New Angle

We can’t help it; we’re driven to photograph the familiar. Try finding a new way to think about your subject. It will make for something more unique that will help you stand out from the crowd.



Worship at the Wall



Walls are one of the most important pillars of street photography. Why? Because they provide a dynamic backdrop against which to throw human drama into sharp relief.

Take Time to Reflect



Puddles and wet landscapes are a photographer’s friend. They position us to explore points of view and reflect on the nature of things.

Spread the Words



Words are everywhere. Challenge yourself to use them as an integral part of your image. Find the right phrase in the right place and try express something amusing or profound about the human condition.

Cut it Out



Pay attention to what you can leave out when taking a photograph. This simple tip can help engage the viewer’s imagination and make your story more compelling.

And many more

Of course, these are just some things to keep in mind when you’re out there image making. Maybe you have some tricks up your sleeve that you wouldn’t mind sharing in the comments below. I’m always down for learning something new.


Dubbed “LA’s iPhoneography Wizard” by Forbes Magazine, Alon Goldsmith is an award-winning photographer who has been featured extensively across media and exhibited in galleries around the globe. His recent achievements include Honorable Mentions in the Mobile Photography Awards, a category win in the Hipstography Awards, publication in the Los Angeles Times and Reader’s Digest, features in Snap Magazine and Mobiography, a one-man show in Brentwood and San Diego, and a group show at HaleARTS in Santa Monica.

Website: www.alongoldsmith.com
Instagram: instagram.com/alon_goldsmith


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