Have iPhones and Instagram Ruined Photography?


Have iPhones and Instagram Ruined Photography?

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Photography as an art form has been widely respected for over a century, with many photographers becoming studied artists and capturers of pivotal moments in history. As technology has advanced however, iPhones and smaller cameras coupled with wifi and Instagram have allowed a new breed of self-proclaimed photographers to emerge and claim prominence alongside those trained over decades. So it begs the question – have iPhones and Instagram ruined photography?

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If you had asked me this question 4 years ago, I would have felt cheated and frustrated by people claiming to be a photographer simply because they bought a DSLR for the purpose of parties not portraits and that it was an easy method of art, however this quote echoed from Mario Testino that “you may dance but you are not a dancer; you may take photos but you are not a photographer” shines a light on the fact that although you may have the “best equipment”, it does not give you the eye, technique or confidence to call yourself a photographer.

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Photography takes an eye and artistic approach; whether you are conscious or not of what you are shooting, you know how to capture an energy or atmosphere, so when the beginnings of Instagram came along and threatened to turn anyone into a self-proclaimed photographer, it felt as if the lesson and intricate natures of the subject were being discarded and simplified.

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However as time has passed, Instagram has become a powerful and influential platform for not only professional photographers (with Testing himself sharing his work daily on the app) but also creatives, candid snappers and influencers to enjoy and share their work. Our phones are now more powerful in some respects than basic cameras, with editing apps and attachable lenses such as the Manfrotto Black Bumper with 3 Lenses + Tripod Mount allowing you to shoot wide-angle, fish-eye and telephoto images with ease – whatever your purpose or genre of photography.

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Has Instagram ruined the industry then? No. Has it enhanced it then? No – iPhones have launched a sub-culture and new platform for creators to share their work (including current, upcoming and established artists and photographers). It has built and expanded whilst following the same desires and passions as photographers intended, but there is always a difference and if one thing is for sure, iPhones have allowed us to blend experimentation with selective aesthetics that photography has always valued – no matter if you use a DSLR or iPhone.

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Lauren Britton

Lauren is a Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger from the UK with a background in Photography. After studying and training in the industry, Lauren has been featured in national magazines as fashion photographer to watch, and now freelances as a photographer whilst running her blog and YouTube channel.

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