July 2016

Long Exposure Photography

If there is only one reason for using a tripod, it seems to be long exposure photography. The dynamism that it can produce in images is...

28 July 2016

The joy of slow living

There’s something about busyness and routine that makes us feel productive: always waking up at the same time, having our coffee and then starting our daily marathon. Running...

27 July 2016

How to Capture Never-Before-Seen Images

Let’s face it, we live in an era where the world is saturated with images and nearly everyone has access to a camera. It’s becoming increasingly...

25 July 2016

Travelling with a Tripod

Professional travel photographers would probably never consider taking a trip without carrying a tripod, along with a camera and a variety of lenses it is an...

19 July 2016

5 essential gear for the Northern Lights

Whether in season or not, The Northern lights (or aurora borealis) are always the talk of the town amid avid travellers and photographers alike. There’s just...

14 July 2016

Tips for Lucky Photography

How many times have you looked at an amazing image and thought “lucky you”? Most of us have at some time or other, probably also thinking...

07 July 2016

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