August 2016

To Tripod or not to Tripod

There comes a point in every photographer’s creative journey, where they must make a decision; will owning a tripod make them a better photographer? In many...

31 August 2016

Travelling with Befree Carbon Fiber

In the past month during my travels to several different Nordic and Scandinavian countries, I had the privilege of putting the brand new Manfrotto Befree Carbon...

30 August 2016

15 Types of Reflectors – Many of Which You Already Own

With summer around the corner the challenge of shooting in full-sun are on many photographers’ minds.  Shooting backlit is a popular approach to tackling shooting in...

28 August 2016

What You Need To Take With You for Landscape Photography

With all the specialties in landscape photography this could become an exhaustingly long list, but there are some basic considerations that apply to almost any landscape...

24 August 2016

Why Lanzarote should make your photo bucket list

If you’re an aspiring landscape or travel photographer, your social media feeds are probably reminding you by the day that you must book a trip to...

23 August 2016

Food photography: backgrounds

In food photography, the background is very important. It can make your food image more or less sophisticated or rustic. When I wrote my second book,...

06 August 2016

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