Shooting Ocean Art with Manfrotto BeFree Live


Shooting Ocean Art with Manfrotto BeFree Live

Photographers, we’re always on the move. Chasing light and aligning elements, each new day represents another opportune moment to create! I generally have a tendency to take as much gear as I can carry when I head out in the mornings, the day is new and you just never know what shooting opportunities may present themselves! Often this can be a heavy burden but thanks to the new Manfrotto BeFree tripods, I’m a bit lighter and just as ready for what the day throws at me!



With all the content and imagery out there these days, I’m continually looking for new and creative ways to photograph the things that I love. I enjoy the challenge of capturing the everyday wonder of nature and showcasing its raw beauty.

I’ve been using Manfrotto Tripods for a number of years now, and having really put them to the test in all types of conditions, both by the sea and in the mountains, I’ve found that they are just such a great and reliable product.



As a photographer I tend to travel a lot and I’m always trying to pack as light as I can when I’m on the go. I’ve only recently began using the Manfrotto BeFree range of tripods and just haven’t turned back! They are just so light and compact yet super sturdy and reliable, and the new BeFree Live fluid head video tripod featured in this article is just such an epic addition to the Manfrotto range. It’s half the size of the tripods I’ve used in the past and still has all the features that lets me get those smooth motion shots that I’m after when the waves are on.



I call this style of shooting “Flomocean” as it’s kind of portraying the flowing nature of the ocean. It’s basically done by slowing down your shutter speed to create a painting that if done right, can create a very artistic result. Ocean photography is generally captured at high shutter speeds to freeze the motion yet it’s another whole world when we choose to slow things down a little.. With a little practice you can shoot what seems quite ordinary and come out with an extraordinary image. Water, in my opinion, it is and always will be one of the greatest subjects to photograph.




The key to capturing these shots is to have an ultra smooth tracking with the subject, so a fluid head tripod engineered as smooth as the Manfrotto one is absolutely ideal. The size and weight of it as well make it super portable, I barely consider it an addition to my kit, in fact I take it everywhere! Even if I’m not intending on shooting from the land. Apart from having great gear though, the best advice I can give is just practice. Get out there, have fun and you will progress!





Philip Thurston

Philip’s passion for photography has developed from a lifestyle of living by the ocean and his adventurous spirit. “My goal with Thurston Photo is to create imagery and literature that provokes positive thought and inspires people to see life from a new perspective. Learning from my own experiences, I invest energy into inspiring others to live a purpose driven and meaningful life, to activate dreams, potential and purpose that’s worth pursuing wholeheartedly. I’ll happily spend hours straight in the ocean or spontaneously launch myself into the wild in hopes of encountering and capturing this beautiful world in a new and exciting way.”

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