The Perfect Travel Kit For The Hobby Photographer


The Perfect Travel Kit For The Hobby Photographer

Photos are one of the best souvenirs you can bring back from your travels. And luckily in this day and age it’s getting easier and easier to capture the best memories on the go!

If you are a professional photographer then you will already have a long (and heavy) list of equipment that goes with you everywhere. But if you are a hobbyist , just looking for photos for your family and Instagram, then there is no need to pack every piece of gear you can find.

Technology has come a long way, and it’s possible to get high quality photography gear in a very small package. Here is the perfect travel kit for the hobby photographer!



The best camera is the one you have with you. Lugging around a full DSLR setup with multiple lenses is heavy and tiring, especially if you are only looking to take some quick photos while out exploring.

Having a huge setup can also make you a target for thieves, meaning the weight and possible fear of security might mean you leave your big camera back at the hotel. And honestly, what use is having all the gear if you don’t have it with you right when you want it?

Today modern smartphones have incredible cameras built right into them. Add the quality with the portability and opportunities to be discreet, and a smartphone makes a worthwhile addition to any travel photographer’s kit.

In addition some museums, churches and temples don’t allow full-size cameras inside, but phones are still allowed. You might not get an award-winning photo off of your smartphone, but at least you’ll be able to capture your memories!



The moment you want to take a decent night photo, a landscape shot in low light or even a selfie, you are going to want a tripod.

Travelling with a tripod used to be an annoying and cumbersome affair, with many of them adding a lot of weight and bulk to your pack. All that has changed, with some amazing, sturdy tripods flooding the market at great sizes and prices.

From ones that fit in a handbag through to brilliant, lightweight setups for professional use, tripods are now even easier to throw in your bag.

Check out the great selection of lightweight tripods from Manfrotto.


1# Filters

If you travel with a mirrorless or DSLR setup then make sure you add a set of filters to your kit.

A circular polarizer will assist in bright conditions to bring out “pop” and clarity to a shot, especially with water or snow. UV filters are also popular.

To step up your photography an extra notch, check out a range of Neutral Density (ND) filters. If you don’t want to go with a square filter setup (which is bulky and fragile), then the screw-on options are exactly what you need. Perfect for getting that silky smooth shot of a waterfall or river in the middle of the day.

Manfrotto makes a great range of screw-on filters.


Spare Batteries And SD Cards

We’ve all been there – you go out for a big day of shooting, get an hour into it and then suddenly realize you forgot to charge your camera or clear your SD card the night before. It’s ok, it happens to the best of us.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in that situation. A simple oversight could mean you miss out on capturing some incredible images from your holiday.

Besides being vigilant in keeping your gear charged and cleared, the best thing you can do is simply carry spare batteries and SD cards.

These have come down drastically in price over recent years, so make sure you pick up a few spares before you head off on the next trip.


Durable Camera Bag

You are going to need something to carry all your camera gear in, and there is a whole range of perfect bags to get you by.

Rather than buying the largest bag you can find, consider getting something that is just big enough to carry your essential equipment. This goes back to the point that you are more likely to leave something in your hotel room if it is too cumbersome to move around with.

Also if you have a smaller camera bag, you become less of a target for thieves.

Have a look at this range for some great ideas.



Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem are the award winning writers and photographers behind the adventure travel blog NOMADasaurus. Travelling the world together since 2008, adventure travel is their passion, and through their stories and images they promote exciting off-the-beaten-path destinations and fascinating cultures as they go. Follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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