Pros and Cons of a Travelling Photographer

written by:
Katie Goldie


Pros and Cons of a Travelling Photographer

Being a Travelling Photographer can have its ups and downs. I have listed a few pros and cons about my experience as a travel photographer.


-The obvious pro is that you are able to see the world and document it through images. You can learn about new cultures and develop empathy for different cultures.

-For some of the places in the world, being able to see how others live can humble you and make you recognize how good (or not so good) your life may be.

-To meet other photographers and learn from them and their different talents

-Opportunities many others would die for.

-To see new Landscapes and always have a new fresh visual to work with.

-To make friends from all the world and wherever you travel to, so going back is never that intimidating.

-It’s always an exciting challenge to find new compositions.

-You can find yourself in one season and with a flight across the world you are in an entirely new season.

-You don’t have a Monday to Friday

-To see different wildlife from around the world, and different climates that support them

-You can taste all different types of foods from around the world

-You learn about things you never knew existed

-You see things in real form that you have only ever seen in photographs

-You are offered new perspective on your lifestyle, that their are ways of life other than your own

-The best pro of all being a traveling photographer is that you get to Travel!


– Sometimes you feel like you live at the airport. Also you are guaranteed to have a delayed/missed flight at some point with all your air time- It can be very expensive depending on where you travel to

– You lose a lot of sleep to shooting photos and traveling around

– Good friends that you meet along the way usually can’t come back home with you

– You find yourself missing your family as you are abroad

– It can be a challenge living out of your bag, you never seem to have a permanent home to put your things

–  You never get a permanent shipping address

– Time can slip away quickly

No matter the cons of travel I have always had to pros outweigh the cons for me. Travel gives  knowledge you can never learn in a classroom and there is something special about experiencing travel that you may have heard of but never understood fully. Having a camera to document your travels helps others become inspired to get out there and do the same. I will always be passionate about sharing my travels in photo form.


Katie Goldie

Photographer and storyteller from Canada. Her goal is to inspire individuals to get outside and understand why the natural world is so precious. She wants to inspire others to see the beautiful places she photographs as well as protect them.

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