#letmetalkaboutlove | Define Love

written by:
Matilde Minauro


#letmetalkaboutlove | Define Love

– When you think of love, what is the first object that comes to mind?

– The dishwasher.

This is how the idea was born, with a (strange) conversation with my 92 years old grandmother, to investigate the infinite – and sometimes really surprising – facets of love in our daily lives.

What is LOVE?

Love is a colour, a place, a road, a journey.

A state of mind, body and soul. A choice.

Love is silence. And it is noise.

Love is present. Even with absence.

Love is strong. And yet so fragile.

Love is near. Even with distance.

Love, simply, that often feels inexplicable, the most unpredictable of forces.

Love, it’s what makes the world go round.

Love is all around.

Love is everywhere.

Define LOVE using one COLOR and one OBJECT this is the question, or rather the starting point of a simple and wonderful journey. As love always should be.

And so, #letmetalkaboutlove this way…

Color: Grey, because it’s the perfect synthesis between my black and her white.

Object: Pancakes that we always make on Sunday morning for breakfast.

Color: White

Object: A balloon flying lightly

Color: Pink, because it’s my favorite color

Object: Candies, because they’re so sweet

Color: Petrol green

Object: A cup of cappuccino

I thought of a breakfast together with a significant other to go to work more relieved

Color: Red, like my daughter’s hair, my heart and the hearts of those I love

Object: Home keys, because love takes you home, always

Color: Warm yellow, the color of my grandmother’s zabaione cream

Object: Egg, where life begins

Color: White

Object: Poured milk on the floor


Color: Blue because my happy place is the magnificent ocean. It is where I free my thoughts, feel more calm and have the deepest connection with my mind, body and soul

Object: Camera because 20 years ago, my uncle gave me an Olympus camera and I didn’t realize then that it would be the start of a beautiful journey

Color: Green, with its many shades because it can be strong, intense, relaxing, enveloping

Object: Cup of coffee, the one that, 32 years ago my mother started to bring to my father in bed without him even asking for it. I’ve always thought this is a tender gesture full of love

Color: Light blue

Object: Bed sheets

Color: Red

Object: A gift box

Color: Antique pink

Object: A letter

Color: Light blue

Object: A scarf

Color: Red

Object: A wine glass

Color: Blue because it’s the color of the sky, of the sea and of my first love, nature

Object: A book because I don’t believe there’s a more beautiful kind of love than sharing a story

Color: White because when I’m with my girlfriend under the blanket everything around us becomes bright as a white light

Object: A fleece blanket

Color: Pink

Object: Pink bed

Color: Red because it is the color of love and hearts

Object: my iPad because I love to learn and I love doing activities so I can be more and more smarter as I get bigger

Color: Turquoise, because of my little son’s eyes

Object: Wreath of lights

Color: White

Object: Pearl necklace, because it’s both my daughters’ and my favorite jewel. Also because, according to Greek mythology, it is the symbol of love and marriage

Color: Green

Object: Glasses

Color: Purple

Object: A ladle

Color: White

Object: A pen


Color: Red

Object: A white rose

Color: White

Object: A cup of tea

Color: Brown, the color of the forest

Object: Compass, because it directs me in the right way

Color: Blue, because of the horizon when looking at Numana sea, which constantly changes

Object: Sunglasses, that I don’t only wear when there is sunlight but also to feel cool

Color: Red

Object: An umbrella

Matilde Minauro

Matilde Minauro is a photographer based in Florence, Italy. Introduced to photography through the work and influence of her grandfather, she owned her first camera at age 8. Her studies in architecture influence her photographic style significantly, and this is evident in her use of lines and light as expressive languages. The atmosphere of her work is notably dreamlike, melancholic and quiet with consistently diluted and rarefied tones to define an intimate and profound space. Her portfolio is a secret corner of interiority, a collection of quiet poems that tell a story of almost impalpable sensations that words fail to express… A story that only light can delicately paint in every detail.

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