Manfrotto Manhattan meets Dave Krugman

written by:
Dave Krugman


Manfrotto Manhattan meets Dave Krugman

  1. Tell us a bit about your professional journey. How did you first get into photography?

Ever since I can remember, I was always fascinated by the world of photography. To be able to distill time, and to even imbue a moment with meaning by holding it still for a moment, seemed like magic to me as a young kid. When I was old enough to begin to learn the craft for myself, I dove in as deeply as I could. I remember another moment that stood out to me- watching an image come to life in the developer bath of a darkroom. I knew right then that I had found something I was going to be very passionate about. It helped that my father and grandfather also had a love for the craft- I still use gear from their collections and my family was an integral part of my artistic journey.

  1. Can you please share with us a “day in the life” of Dave Krugman?

My daily life in New York is defined by the hectic, vibrant chaos that fills these city streets. As a freelance creative, I’m not tied to any particular office or desk. One day I’ll be editing from a coffee shop in Brooklyn, the next I’ll be shooting for a client in the financial district. I spend a lot of time walking through the city, doing street photography on my way from one meeting to another. It’s a lifestyle where I’m always on the move, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to meet amazing people and have unexpected experiences everyday.

  1. What do you do when you are not shooting or working on social media?

When I’m not shooting, I’m exploring other areas of interest. I love to read, and I love to write- so I spend a good amount of time on those hobbies. I’m also generally interested in any artistic endeavor- I think that a key to life is staying curious about everything. Get involved with the world and you’ll never be bored. My social life is also important to me- it’s the people of the world that really inspire me, so I’m always looking for ways to meet new people and share ideas with friends.

  1. Which gear do you mostly carry on with you and how do you carry it?

On a typical shoot day, I carry a Sony A7RII with a variety of lenses- I like vintage prime lenses so I end up carrying up to 4 different focal lengths. Somedays I have my laptop with me if I need a quick turnaround, and a Manfrotto tripod for longer exposures and video work. My favorite bag from the Manhattan collection is the backpack- I can fit all of my gear with room to spare for other necessities like notebooks, extra clothes, headphones and anything else I may need. On stormy days I just pull out the built in raincover- and if I want to use the bag as just a normal backpack, it’s as easy as pulling out the removable insert that holds all my gear in place. The customizable nature of the bag makes it a good solution for whatever situations I find myself in.

  1. How the Manhattan Bag helps you surviving your New Yorker daily life?

A camera bag is an essential component of the craft of photography. Ease of access to gear, comfort when carrying heavy loads, subtle features that make the little things go smoothly- all of this adds up and can make or break a shoot day. For example- having zippered top access to the gear bags has been great. I keep whatever second lens I’ll be using most right up top, and when it’s time to switch, I save the time and effort of removing the bag and just swap the lens immediately, putting the old one through the top pouch. Another feature that I like is the tripod holder, which holds the tripod in place and allows me to consolidate my gear, freeing up my hands for more important tasks. The bag also sits well- in Cuba I was carrying all my gear all day, wandering lost (on purpose) through the streets of Havana. My back felt fine, even after multiple days in a row with the same intense workload.

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