Top 8 Instagramable Icelandic spots

written by:
Donna Tzaneva


Top 8 Instagramable Icelandic spots

Lets be honest, you’re most probably letting out a deeply embedded silent soulful cry after reading the title. After all ‘instagramable location’ connotes easy, adventure-less and popular; and we all know that popular locations ruin that ‘ I shot that first “ momentum. That being said, sometimes guidance is needed if not necessary – especially if you do not know where to start. Guidance brings inspiration and we can all agree that that’s our goal, to be inspired and inspire others. Hopefully the collection below of my personal top 8 Instagramable Icelandic spots will give you a small heads up and something to look out for when exploring this mystical otherworldly island.

1# Empty roads

Iceland’s ring roadRoute 1, interconnects the islands’ major cities. It’s surprising how deserted and magical this road can truly be. Add a little clouds and murky conditions and you have yourself a perfect moody shot.

2# Black beaches

What can make you feel more out of this world than treading on kilometres of black sand? The contrast between the icy blue/green waters of the Atlantic Ocean and unusually coloured volcanic sand certainly is pleasing to the eyes and camera.

3# Skogafoss

With so many jaw dropping waterfalls, mentioning only one or two is definitely a task that’s anything but easy. Truth be said, Skogafoss is one of the most crowded waterfalls in Iceland. Go there during evening or early morning and a whole new sensation comes to life.

4# Kirkjufell mountain and its surrounding area

Kirkjufell mountain is by sure one of the most famous mountains on the island ( not counting Eyjafjallajokull volcano that apart from it’s practically unpronounceable name gained international popularity when it exploded a couple years back creating aviation havoc ). If you’re driving south, to the left of the mountain can be found some picture perfect waterfalls that deserve attention.

5# The black church

Located on the way to the Snaefellsnes peninsula, the little black church set amongst kilometres of lava fields and mountain ranges is the perfect setting for an aery and unique picture.

6# The Northern Lights

This one certainly needs no introduction as if you’re heading to Iceland in the first place; chances are that these mystical dancing lights is one of the reasons why. Making their appearance between the months of September and March, the Northern Lights certainly know how to captivate and leave an eternal visual memory. Grotta Lighthouse is a golden mine when it comes to city proximity, ideal sighting conditions and Northern Lights, therefore if you’re carless or running out of time, head in that direction and it is guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed.

7# Jökulsárlón

There’s something definitely special about seeing chunks of icebergs peacefully floating in the water and being expulsed quietly into the Atlantic Ocean where, upon melting, become one with it. Time it right, and at sunset you can probably have the whole spot to yourself (or just about).

8# Landmannalaugar

Located in the highlands, getting to Landmannalaugar is the first challenge you’ll encounter and crossing the river that leads to it is the second (done strictly by 4×4).  The near two hour bumpy dirt road drive is definitely worth the initial effort once you’re face to face with this dramatic one of a kind landscape of multi-coloured mountain ranges that stretch as far as your eye can see.

Donna Tzaneva

Donna Tzaneva is a twenty-something year old globetrotter that was born in Bulgaria, grew up in Australia and now resides in Iceland. After finishing her BSc in Equine Studies, a severe horse-back riding injury made her take a step back from that career and take up photography. She hasn’t stopped ever since..

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