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Giulia Magnaguagno



Sometimes it happens that you leave with no specific destination, just with a desire for travelling. It happened to us a couple of weeks ago. The sky over Barcelona was grey, and it was warning us of an incoming storm! So we had two options: stay at home and chill, or geta way from the city for a sunnier destination!

We got to Cadaques with our Bumblebee-130, great for outdoor adventures and short trips. Very light but very comfortable and ergonomic; you can store all your photographic equipment without worrying for the weather, as it is also water resistant!

At the borders of Catalunya there’s a natural lansdcape, with a special little town: Cadaques, also known as Salvador Dali’s constant source of inspiration.

This area of Catalunya presents grey rocks, followed by green landscapes and yellow flowers, and eventually the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea. There, you find the Cadaques bay, as an unforgettable postcard.

This image was made with a 24mm lens, f5, ISP 200 and 1/8000. It’s because this lens allows to achieve a broader perspective without distorting the subject.  And for the aperture, i chose it because I wanted to avoid the contrast (narrower aperture, heavier contrast).


Cadaques is a small town by the sea, which, despite being so small, if offers many alternatives varying from the total relax to sport activities. If you love trekking, you’ll find many options for your walks to the natural park and lighthouse of Cap de Creu. Plus, you’ll enjoy snorkeling and boat trips.

Bumblebee is great for short trips, and it has enough space for a 15” laptop! All its dividers are interchangeable and customisable.

Thanks Cadaques, it’s been a dream!

Giulia Magnaguagno

Giulia Magnaguagno, stage name GiuliaMagg, is a young artist and photographer with a strong visual  and cinematographic expressivity.

She currently lives and works in Rome, but travels a lot through her work.


In 2006 she took a BFA degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies in English and Spanish at the IULM University in Milan. She gets into photography in 2007, while studying at the EFTI Academy in Madrid, graduating in Professional Photography. Later on she specialises in Direction of Photography at the ACT Multimedia in Rome.


Her multifaceted formation brings her to work in several fields:
Filmmaking, Commercial Photography and Artistic Photography.


GiuliaMagg is represented by the art gallery Spazio Anna Breda in Padova, and takes part in several exhibitions such as:

  • Fuoribiennale, Venice 2013
  • Photissima Art Fair, Venice 2013
  • Affordable Art Fair at Macro Testaccio, Rome 2012
  • Biennale, Brescia 2011
  • Fuoribiennale, Venice 2009


During the summer of 2013 She wins a 2 months artistic residency in Tijuana (Mexico), which will greatly enrich her artistic process, opening doors and providing chances for international exhibitions. Her latest work, “Be Right Back”, will soon be presented in Mexico and the U.S.

At this moment she is completely involved in the social and eco-sustainable project “VITAMINA Project”that will bring her all along Latin America in a long 8 months trip and 26.ooo km.


GiuliaMagg shows a well defined style, which emanates sensibly from her images, based on a keen sense of composition and an always refined aesthetic that is conscious of her cinematographic heritage.

Fantasy, Thechique and Passion are the three pivotal points in GiuliaMagg’s work.

Giulia Magnaguagno, in arte GiuliaMagg, èuna giovane artista fotografa dalla forte espressivitàvisiva e cinematografica.

Attualmente vive e lavora a Roma anche se il suo lavoro la porta spesso a viaggiare.


Si laurea nel 2006 in Traduttori e Interpreti di inglese e spagnolo presso l’universitàIULM di  Milano. Si avvicina alla fotografia studiando presso l’Accademia EFTI di Madrid dove consegue il diploma in Fotografia Professionale nell’anno 2007, successivamente, si trasferisce a Roma dove si diploma in Direzione della Fotografia Cinematografica presso l’Accademia ACT Multimedia.


La sua molteplice formazione, la porta a lavorare in diversi campi d’interesse:

il cinema, la fotografia artistica e la fotografia commerciale.


GiuliaMagg èrappresentata dalla Galleria Spazio Anna Breda di Padova e partecipa come artista fotografa a diverse mostre come:

  • Fuoribiennale di Venezia 2013
  • Photissima Art Fair 2013 a Venezia
  • Affordable Art Fair al Macro Testaccio di Roma nel 2012
  • Biennale di Brescia nel 2011
  • Fuoribiennale di Venezia nel 2009


Nell’estate 2013 vince una residenza artistica di 2 mesi a Tijuana (Messico), che la arricchiràmoltissimo nel suo processo artistico aprendole porte e possibilitàespositive anche a livello internazionale. Il suo ultimo lavoro “Be Right Back” verràprossimamente presentato in Messico e negli Stati Uniti.


Attualmente èimpegnata nel progetto “Vitamina Project”all’insegna del sociale e dell’eco-sostenibilità, che la porteràalla scoperta dell’America Latina in un viaggio lungo 8 mesi e 26.000 KM, le serviràper raccogliere materiale e per documentare il suo passaggio attraverso il suo lavoro video-fotografico.


GiuliaMagg mostra uno stile ben definito, che affiora sensibilmente dalle sue immagini, basato su uno spiccato senso compositivo e un’estetica sempre ricercata che risente in modo consapevole di un retaggio cinematografico.

Fantasia, tecnica e passione sono i tre punti cardine del lavoro di GiuliaMagg.

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