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Wildlife Photography with the Manfrotto KLYP Macro Lens

I never imagined I would be using my phone as much as I do for wildlife photography! Armed with a Canon 7D MrkII and a Canon...

25 August 2015

Fantastic Fox Families

I am lucky enough to have open farmland around my garden and this has enabled me to have some wonderful encounters with a wide range of...

18 August 2015

Kingfisher Glory

A flash of electric blue low along a stream is often the only glimpse many of us have of the vibrant Kingfisher. Frequenting still and slow...

12 August 2015

Cockchafer Macro Marvels

I am seriously getting into macro photography! I love how a macro photograph can reveal the beauty of an insect that you simply cannot appreciate with...

07 August 2015

Macro Moth Magic!

I have recently started to get very interested in moths, after visiting a few public moth trap session in my local area. Moths are often considered...

23 October 2014

Not JUST for Nest Boxes – Getting Creative with your Nest Box Camera!

Not so long ago, filming birds inside a nest box would have been only possible with sophisticated and expensive camera kits, usually only available to professional...

19 October 2014

A remote addiction! – Capturing images with bushnell trail cameras

Have you ever wondered what happens in your garden at night… who is digging the holes in the lawn, knocking over the bins or emptying the...

08 October 2014

From Nest Box Camera to DSLR: Capturing Garden Wildlife

My passion for wildlife and photography started in my garden as a child. Growing up in South East London, the family bird table seems to have...

30 September 2014

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