Arnar Kristjansson


I’m a photographer based in South Iceland that specialized in fine art landscape and Aurora Borealis images.

From a young age, I’ve always been fascinating for the Northern Lights and the majestic nature’s beauty, also passionate about outdoor experiences and everything that comes with it.

In many ways I feel very lucky to be born and growing up here, in the Country of extreme contrasts, in a unique place where every season is able to offer magical atmospheres in so different scenarios, either if it’s the long everlasting summer nights or the dark beautiful winters where lights paint skies of green, purple and pink.

Few years back I started taking pictures with my good old Lumia920 phone in the mountains and glaciers, for fun and trying to have a kind of tracks about those backcountry experiences. But as the enthusiasm grew more and more, I felt seriously the need to buy my first DSLR camera.

It was during this period that I discovering in myself a previously unknown massive fervor of capturing the marvel of those huge panoramas and shooting in the dark sky. As I started reading everything possible available about the World of photography, realizing day after day that this was the hidden way to express myself and my feelings, sharing my fantasy through a lens.

I can say that it is beginning of something that has changed my life… the passion.

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