Charleton Churchill


My name is Charleton Churchill, and I’m an adventure wedding photographer. I love to hike and travel to remote destinations for weddings. I have lived in northern California most of my life so being surrounded by the nature and the woods is very natural for me. Climbing mountains and hiking has been in my blood ever since my dad dragged me through the wilderness on his outdoor excursions. Combining mountaineering and outdoor skills with photography has been the perfect marriage to my artistic endeavors. I have been able to share my passion at different seminars and conventions and enjoy inspiring others.
This year I will be traveling to the Himalayas to photograph a wedding at Mt. Everest Base Camp, and I leave in less than a few weeks. I have been dreaming about this for the last few years and have had a few offers to shoot there. For this trip, I will be going with a team and photographing a wonderful couple from Colorado who desired to have their wedding uniquely photographed at Base Camp. I hope to shoot more weddings like this elsewhere like New Zealand, Antarctica, Iceland, Greenland, even remote places like Easter Island. I’m down for something different. I hope to continue not just shooting weddings, but making beautiful art work with whomever and wherever I shoot. My wife and three daughters are supportive and I love them like nobody else. I thank God for these opportunities.

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