Christina Davies


The best part of being a portrait photographer is preserving special moments in people’s lives. There is magic in capturing the joy found in every day moments too; whether that’s the love you feel for your family, the changing seasons in important relationships, or a particular hobby or shared activity.

My love of photography started as a teenager, working with 35mm film and experimenting with lighting, exposure and development to create visual effects. At university my focus shifted to media and my career was concentrated primarily on videography. Although only a decade ago, digital media was a fairly new and unknown quantity – but as my career progressed I had more and more opportunity to work with this rapidly developing tool.

My fascination with photography had not dwindled over this time, and with the continual improvement of modern DSLR’s I was excited to be able to bridge the gap between my two disciplines. As a portrait photographer I am able to bring my eye for movement and framing to create truly beautiful photos of the significant moments in people’s lives.

When I am not behind the camera you will find me rocking out on my bass guitar, chasing round after my niece or laughing a lot with my husband, Rob.

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