Greg Kretovic

Outdoor photographer Greg Kretovic lives for wild and rugged landscapes and capturing the way that the four seasons affects them. Living in the unique, rustic Upper Peninsula of Michigan allows Greg to photograph all of that, from its harsh winters to the colorful splendor of autumn. At his doorstep is also Lake Superior, the greatest of the Great Lakes. It is a wild and mercurial subject and Greg loves to capture its many, ever-changing moods.

One of Greg’s favorite things about the Upper Peninsula is the variety of extreme weather conditions which allows him to capture the awesome beauty of snow and ice, sunsets and starry skies, no matter the weather or season. If the conditions are harsh, you can bet Greg will be out in them to photograph the results. From majestic waterfalls and sunsets to the mysterious Northern Lights, his photo collection covers many different aspects of the region.

Greg’s work has been featured in a variety of publications and websites. Some of his highlights include Outdoor Photographer magazine, The Weather Channel, National Geographic News, and the Huffington Post.

Greg is a graduate of Northern Michigan University where he majored in Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic design. Courses in photography piqued his interest and led to a desire to showcase his beloved Upper Peninsula. When he’s not out photographing, he works as a freelance graphic/web designer and offers commercial photography as part of his services. He has experience shooting real estate, architecture, portraits and food.

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