Kyler McCormick has always had a passion for storytelling. Halfway through high school, he chose the less traditional path of homeschooling in order to fully pursue filmmaking. Ever since, he’s been able to receive sponsorship from some incredible companies, compete in international film festivals and travel the world all while telling stories he believes in. He wants to show this generation that they are never too young, too inexperienced, or too unqualified to make a big difference in this world. Kody McCormick is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and an avid enthusiast for adventure.

Kody has pursued his Business Degree through Liberty Univeristy Online, where he is currently a senior, in order to support a flexible and adventurous lifestyle. With his strong entrepreneurial passion, he has focused on the art of storytelling and cinematography to connect his audiences with breathtaking experiences.

Kody specializes in time-lapse photography, where he strives to capture time in a way the human eye cannot naturally perceive.


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