Masanori Sugiura


Masanori Sugiura studied photography in New York, attending New York University and International Center of Photography. He exhibited his works at some group and solo shows, and he was invited to a Bulgarian photo exhibition in his NY days. His main camera was Mamiya RZ67, that he shot streetscapes.

Masanori Sugiura is now working for an IT company on weekdays, and enjoying photo shooting, film making, home baking and traveling in weekends. Photography is his lifework, and he’s continued to take portraits of his friends’ children as well as travel streetscapes, while shooting films.

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平日はIT 企業につとめるサラリーマン。週末はパン作り、写真撮影、映画撮影、旅を楽しむ。ニューヨーク留学時に写真を専攻し、在学時から展示を行いブルガリアに招聘され現地での展示も行った。当時はMamiya RZ67を使用しニューヨークの街並や旅先で出会った人々を撮影していた。現在は写真をライフワークとしつつ、映画の撮影をしたり、友達の子供の写真や、旅先で目を引く街並を撮影している。

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