Michael Zide


In the world of black and white landscape photography, Michael Zide has a most selective eye. He possesses that rare quality of artful seeing, bringing his sensitivity to gesture and mood to every image. Sensual and tactile, his work elicits a visceral response that draws the viewer in, demanding a second look, a more thoughtful response. His personal vision began as a child after the otherworldly experience of waking to find a luminous blanket of snow covering his Southern California home. That first snowfall set in motion both the search for a view of equal enchantment, as well as a visual memory in search of meaning.

Not surprisingly, many of his photographs are inspired by the striking drama of winter ice and snow transforming the New England landscape.

Over the past 30 years, Michael Zides’ photographs have been exhibited in galleries both nationally and internationally. His landscape photography has been featured in magazines such as Silvershotz, Black and White, Today’s Photographer, Fotomagazin and Photo/Design, while manufacturers of the finest digital coffee table books such as Graphistudios and Asukabook continue to use collections of his work to show off the lush tones of their printing processes. His landscape photographs are held in private, corporate, and museum collections.

Selected as a Master of Moab fine art imaging, Michael Zide’s work is printed on Moab fine art printing papers and exhibited at industry shows. He is sponsored by Manfrotto, and by Canon Pixma Pro-1 digital ink jet printers. His photos have been used to advertise Schneider large format lenses, Sinar Bron large format view cameras, Mitsubishi photographic printing papers, Polaroid Corporation instant imaging, Millers Imaging, and MPix digital printing services. Michael speaks about his unique vision at PhotoPlus Expo in New York City, The Event Space (B&H Photo) and other venues.

An instructor at Hallmark Institute of Photography and Maine Media Workshops, and a co-founder of Considered Light, a workshop program given in Western Massachusetts, Michael offers learning experiences for photo-enthusiasts of all levels of accomplishment. Please go to www.michaelzide.com.

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