Sarah Haywood


Sarah Haywood currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Passionate about health, wellness, music, art, and yoga, she teaches Kundalini Yoga by day and paints with light by night. She is an avid explorer of the world and is constantly seeking to discover new territories of expression.
Moon Scribe was miraculously born from the embers of a dying fire found near Giant Rock in Landers, California. Pulling brightly lit sticks from the lasts breaths of the fire, Sarah and her friends filled the night sky with trails of red glowing light. As she captured the radiant play through the open lens of a camera, her passion for light painting was ignited and Moon Scribe was born.
Sarah hopes her inspirational photographs will ignite a fire of remembrance within you. Let them serve as a reminder of your true nature – wild, free, and full of universal light.

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