Wandering Photography

Wandering Photography is associated with three hikers, Yip Luen Sang, Louie So & Tony Ko who love capturing those astounding and gorgeous natural sceneries around Hong Kong.  Their shootings have won countless likes, appreciation and attention in a variety of media. They also take parts in different platforms as photographer, photography tutor, photo writer, blogger, holding motivation talk & sharing session.

流浪攝是聯師兄,露伊和Tony組成的攝影組合,致力拍攝地道郊野風光,發掘香港幽山美地。曾接受各大電視電台、報章雜誌及網站平台等三十多次訪問。例如:無線電視、鳳凰衛視、香港電台、商業電台、新城電台、蘋果日報、東方日報、忽然一周、新假期、DCfever 及Photoblog 等,同時為新假期及Yahoo Gotrip 撰寫博文。


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